Nature holds all the cards Natural and fresh foods of all kinds are the basis for your healthy diet

We are presented with processed and unhealthy food every day. Read this short and simple guide to a healthy diet.

Actually, a healthy diet is this simple. Nature provides us with a great range of healthy foods. Simply put, everything natural and unprocessed is healthy. Vegetables in all shapes and colors, raw or carefully cooked, a variety of fruit, fresh meat and fresh fish, milk and carefully processed dairy products (e.g. cheese, natural yoghurt, butter), nuts, natural oils of all kinds, grain-based products high in fibre (e.g. such as whole grain bread or whole grain pasta), rice and finally the most important thing: water. You have the choice between hundreds of natural food products. There are a variety of healthy and tasty dishes that can be prepared with of fresh natural products.

However, as soon as humans consume processed food, artificial or refined, they generally become unhealthier. Products such as chocolate bars, french fries, sausage, sodas, cereal bars, deep-frozen pizza, Red Bull, diet products and strawberry yoghurts, where the word strawberry is the only reminder of the berry itself. This list is, unfortunately, at least as long as that of healthy foods.

My tip: do not let yourself be seduced by the promises of the advertising coming from multinational food-companies, but be sure to pay attention to the ingredients contained. Most finished products are full of sugar (or sugar substitutes found in diet products), less valuable fats and artificial preservatives and coloring.

A good principle is: the more natural and fresh, the healthier.


Author: Jonas Caflisch

Jonas Caflisch, Owner of INDIGO Fitness Clubs

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