Planning your move Helpful tips and essential checklists

Read these helpful tips on planning an international relocation to or from Switzerland.

Helpful tips to ensure a stress-free move to and from Switzerland 

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your relocation to or from Switzerland.
By selecting a reputable moving partner, you can save yourself time and energy during your move.
Once you select a moving provider, it is time to begin planning your move. To guarantee a smooth move, it is important to consider different aspects of the moving process. Also keep in mind that every move is different!

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1. Organise: discard, donate or sell
Discard, donate or sell items that are not needed. This saves you stress, time and money in the long run. A little planning in the initial stages of your move can help you save lots of money in the long run!
2. Organise your shipments
If you have several shipments, organise which items go with which shipment. Why? Because some shipments can take much longer than other shipments. If it's a crucial item, make sure you ask your moving company what is the speediest option so that it can arrive in a timely manner.
3. Don't ship prohibited items
Make sure you are not shipping any prohibited items (such as ammunition, weapons, etc.). Prohibited items vary per the specifi cations of your destination country. The list of prohibited items will typically be provided by your moving company.
4. Confirm in writing
Make sure all arrangements with the moving company are confi rmed in writing, especially in regards to packing, loading, shipping, and delivery dates to avoid any surprises upon arrival to your new home.
Author: Markus Widmann

Markus manages a team of move managers and consultants at Packimpex Moving Ltd. The team provides you with professional assistance when moving your household goods into or out of Switzerland. He has experienced many exciting challenges in the moving industry over the past 17 years. Markus is Swiss and enjoys travelling and meeting people from different cultures.

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