Professional language training is a must Language skills to feel at home quickly

If you're new in Switzerland, you know how important language skills are. Business might be done in English, but everyday life runs in the local language of your area.

Get it right the first time

Sometimes people try to just "pick up" a language, but that's seldom effective. Sure, you might be able to handle simple situations, but you won't make a good impression and you'll miss a lot of what's going on. Professional language training is a must to feel at home quickly.

Professional language training for expats

Berlitz is an experienced, reliable partner for learning a language quickly. The Berlitz Method® is not dry book learning — our native-speaker teachers make you speak at least 50% of the time. We offer different types of instruction to fit your needs.

Boost your language skills

Roxana Schwikert and her team of professional language instructors at Berlitz are here to assist you in finding the most effective language training for your needs.

Private instruction (face-to-face or virtual)

You get the full attention of an instructor for rapid results. Lessons are planned around your schedule. By selecting the lesson topics, you can
choose what is important for you. We offer private instruction face-to-face as well as virtual (online) for those who travel a lot.

Semi-private group

This combines group motivation with a private atmosphere and individual support. You increase your skills quickly as you immerse yourself in the
new language.

Intensive group instruction

You enjoy the motivation of a group as well as lower rates. You learn with others who are at the same level, with the support of an instructor.

Author: Rebecca Morton

Rebecca Morton is Key Account Manager at Berlitz Language Schools, Switzerland. Berlitz consults expats and their families individually to find the right language learning solution, whether in one of our many Berlitz schools, in the work place or virtually via one of our eLearning programmes, enabling the whole family to work and thrive in Switzerland.

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