Quality of life Living in Switzerland

Swiss cities consistently rank among the best places to live in the world, scoring especially high for personal safety, natural beauty, infrastructure, and earning potential.

Quality of life in Switzerland  

Switzerland lives up to its reputation of being safe, efficient, and clean. Children can walk themselves to school during the day and the streets are safe at night. Located in the heart of Europe, it has outstanding transport infrastructure. Major city connections make it easy to get anywhere in an efficient manner. Outdoors and sport lovers enjoy exploring an enormous selection of lakes and mountains, and are spoilt for choice in all seasons. In general, the diversity of lifestyle Switzerland has to offer, makes it an appealing destination for people of many backgrounds and interests.

High standards of living and safety in Switzerland

Considering factors which include good infrastructure and public transport, personal safety, high earning potential, and easy access to nature, Switzerland ranks highly for its standard of living. According to the 2012 Mercer Quality of Living Survey, which ranks 221 international cities, European cities (particularly German and Swiss) dominate in quality of life rankings. Three Swiss cities rank among the top ten for quality of living: Zurich (2nd), Geneva (8th), and Bern (10th). A separate personal safety survey (2011), which takes internal stability, crime levels, and effectiveness of law enforcement into account, also ranked Bern (2nd), Zurich (2nd) and Geneva (6th) in the top ten.

Environmental issues in Switzerland

Environmental topics are prioritised in Switzerland. The country rose to first place in the 2012 Environmental Performance Index (EPI), which ranked 132 countries for their performance in pollution control and natural resource management. The 2012 EPI used 22 indicators including air and water pollution, biodiversity, climate change, and forest management.

Switzerland's central location in Europe

Switzerland has an excellent road and public transport network that makes travel within the country simple and fast. It's location in the centre of Europe also allows for easy access to most European centres. 

Free education in Switzerland

Education in Switzerland is recognised as being of the high standard. It is free at compulsory levels, with remarkably low tuition fees for academic study. 

Swiss ski regions

Switzerland has hundreds of ski regions and lots of winter sport and activity options available for snow enthusiasts.

Author: François Enzler

After more than 10 years’ experience in relocation in Switzerland, François is now heading the Packimpex Academy which provides over 30 different training courses specific to the needs of the relocation industry. His experience of the daily challenges faced by relocation consultants flows directly into the training courses designed and led by the Packimpex Academy.

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