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Over the past few years, numerous highly-educated professionals have put their careers on hold to dedicate themselves to raising families. Credit Suisse has recognized the potential of this untapped talent pool and has launched the Real Returns initiative to help these talented professionals re-enter the workforce.

"The program was my chance to get back into business after taking a ten-year break to focus on my family," says Anne-Charlotte Perot, a participant of the first round of Real Returns. "In addition to the extra training and opportunities to network, I received great support from the people I work with which pushes me to do better and give back."

Anne-Charlotte is still with Credit Suisse. After the program she was offered a position within the bank and is now working within the Investment Solutions & Products business area.


What is Real Returns?

As part of the global Diversity Recruiting strategy, Credit Suisse piloted Real Returns in New York in 2014 to attract experienced professionals who had taken an extended career break. (Real Returns was then subsequently rolled out in London, Switzerland and India). Real Returns is a paid employment initiative that runs for 4 months and enables participants to work on projects that match their specialist expertise, interests, and abilities. Participants attend a series of training/orientation modules to help them ease back into the work environment during the program. They also attend workshops and networking events and are paired with a mentor.

Real Returns leverages the bank's existing internal career development programs aimed at retaining talent by providing support and offering flexibility to its employees. It provides an opportunity for those who have voluntarily left the industry with a route back in. The program re-engages high-performing Credit Suisse alumni and talented professionals from outside the bank.

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

"Following the Real Returns program, I have worked in two different legal teams at Credit Suisse, Brokerage & Execution and now the team supporting the Swiss Investment Bank, and have had the chance to work with many people in various areas of the bank's business", says Michelle Nolder a former Real Returns participant now working in the General Counsel division. "The Real Returns program provided me with the invaluable opportunity of returning to the legal and finance world after a break of almost nine years. I gained not only a stimulating and fulfilling job, but also a talented, inspiring and motivated network of fellow Real Returners, a supportive mentor and valuable bank-wide networking opportunities I never would have had otherwise."

Michelle is a typical example for a Real Returns participant. Due to a move to Switzerland with her family she had quit her job. While acclimatizing to Switzerland she was busy with organizing housing and childcare. After a while she decided to return to business and with Real Returns she found the way back.

Take the Chance

Are you thinking about returning to the workforce after an extended voluntary leave? Our Real Returns program will help facilitate your transition back into the workforce. Don't miss your opportunity to restart your career! Apply by November 11, 2019.


Meet Chelsey. She was part of 2018 class of Real Returns.

Author: Credit Suisse

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