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Selecting a moving provider for your move

Selecting a moving provider is not easy. Whether you choose a company based in your place of origin or at your destination, it should have no impact on the price of your service. If you happen to know any international moving company, feel free to ask for a quote from them, even if they are not located in your origin or destination. 

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Markus Widmann and his team of dedicated Move Managers at Packimpex will make sure your move to or out of Switzerland is stress-free, with nothing left to chance.

1.  Review your provider options

Virtual internet providers are cheap and they look easy and convenient but keep in mind the drawbacks:

  • No personal connection
  • No assets 
  • No infrastructure 
  • All outsourced

Well-known local moving companies are possibly easy to get in touch with and likely reliable in local business. Things to consider:

  • May not be specialised in international shipping 
  • May not have expertise in international customs requirements 
  • Will possibly outsource the move 

Reputable international moving/relocation companies are specialised in international shipments, well-connected in international networks. Consider:

  • Might be slightly more expensive than other options


Expert tip: To identify quality international movers, make sure they are a member of the International Movers Association FIDI, which provides the only worldwide recognised quality standard in the industry. All FIDI moving companies are independently audited by Ernst & Young. 


2.  Get quotes

Expert tip: Packimpex recommends collecting 2 to 3 quotes from potential providers to compare. This is usually free of charge. Of course Packimpex should be one of them! 

Ask providers for a survey of your house and a quote. Make sure to clearly declare your requirements and have them included in the quote. These might include:

  • One vs. several shipments (main shipments by sea, additional shipment by air or main shipment by truck, additional shipment for storage, etc....)
  • Show all items to be shipped (or stored)
  • Indicate your required timeframe
  • Clearly indicate the services required (for example, door-to-door shipment)

Quotes should show:

  • Weight/volume
  • Inclusions/exclusions
  • Shipping mode
  • Expected transit time
  • Required documents for customs clearance
  • Insurance coverage and premium
  • Payment terms  

3.  Compare quotes

Always make sure that moving quotes, agreements, exclusions and confirmations are in writing with a clear description of services offered.

  • Make sure all quotes have the above information
  • Check weight/volume estimates. If there are significant differences ask for explanations from the providers
  • Do not only compare the price, look also at inclusions and exclusions. If they are not identical, how do they impact the quoted price?
  • Check the insurance coverage and insurance premium. A small difference of 0.5% might make a significant difference when calculated on the insurance value
  • Evaluate the professionalism of the surveyors, the information received, the timeframe between survey and quote and the overall impressions you have of the companies
  • Select provider and make contract
  • The contract must include:
  • Weight/volume of shipment
  • Mode of transport
  • Price
  • Timing of shipment
  • Services (with agreed inclusions/exclusions)
  • Required documents
  • Payment terms

4.  Select provider and make contract

The contract must include:

  • Weight/volume of shipment
  • Mode of transport
  • Price
  • Timing of shipment
  • Services (with agreed inclusions/exclusions)
  • Required documents
  • Payment terms   


How to assess and select your moving provider

  • Is the provider FAIM certified? (FIDI Accredited International Mover)
  • Did you receive all relevant information about customs regulations?
  • Does the service provider focus on quality and attention to detail?
  • Are the survey dates electronically recorded?
  • Can the packers print out a packing list at the residence and translate it into the required language?
  • Clarify significant differences in volume and price.

Crucial elements of service provider comparisons

  • Differences in insurance premiums can result in a big amount. 
  • If there is a difference of 10% or more in estimated volume between quotes query all providers.
  • Carefully compare extras and exclusions, in particular the Terminal Handling Charge (THC), port charges, customs clearance, delivery services (including unpacking, furniture set up, return of empty container, and removal of debris).


Author: Markus Widmann

Markus manages a team of move managers and consultants at Packimpex Moving Ltd. The team provides you with professional assistance when moving your household goods into or out of Switzerland. He has experienced many exciting challenges in the moving industry over the past 17 years. Markus is Swiss and enjoys travelling and meeting people from different cultures.

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