Shopping in Fribourg Where to shop in Fribourg

From high street brands to exclusive speciality boutiques, Swiss shopping has something for everyone. Shops are organised similarly throughout the country. You will generally find smaller specialty shops in the older parts of town with larger stores and shopping centres on the outskirts and in newer parts of the city. Most neighbourhoods have their own supermarket. 

The best places to shop in Fribourg

The city centre has mainstream brands and department stores while the old town is the place to go for specialty shops. The Chocolate Villars (FR) is a special Fribourg stop, having over one hundred years of tradition and expertise. They host factory visits and workshops. Espace Jean Tinguely Niki de Saint Phalle (DE/FR) sells souvenirs of the two famous artists' work. Sciboz (DE/FR) is a local cheese maker that is the place to go for fondue mixtures and related paraphernalia. 

Large shopping centres in the area include Avry Centre (FR), which has restaurants and shops, and Fribourg Centre (DE/FR).

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For furniture and household goods check out Conforama (DE/FR) in Granges Paccot, Pfister (DE/FR/IT) in Avry Centre, Lipo (DE/FR/IT) in St. Leonard commercial centre, Fly (DE/FR) in Givisiez and Ikea (DE/FR/IT) in Lyssach. Other options include Kian Déco, Styledesign (FR), and Forme & Confort SA.

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Shopping for essentials  

Two major department stores in Fribourg are Manor (DE/FR/IT) and Fribourg Centre (DE/FR), which is located in front of the train station. The main supermarkets are Coop and Migros

Markets in Fribourg

There is a vegetable and flower market at Place Georges-Python and Pérolles on Wednesday mornings and another at Place de l'Hôtel de Ville on Saturday mornings. Place de Petit Saint Jean has a flea market from April to November on the first Saturday of the month from 06.00 to 15.00.

Shop opening hours in Fribourg 

Shops in Fribourg are generally open on weekdays from 08.30 to 12.00 and 13.30 to 18.30, and until 16.00 on Saturday. There is a Coop supermarket located at the train station that stays open in the evening during the week and also on Sunday. Larger and central shops may stay open over lunch and until 21.00 once a week on Thursday or Friday.


Online Shopping 

For flexible hours and to avoid crowds, try shopping online for groceries at LeShop or Coop@HomeZalando (DE/FR), Laredoute (DE/FR) and Koala are a few good options for clothes and shoes. For gift ideas, try visiting Geschenk Idee (DE) and sort through their wide collection based on the person you are shopping for. For book purchases online look at Payot SAThalia (DE) and FNAC (FR).  

Useful information on shopping in Switzerland

  • Most shops are closed on Sundays in Switzerland. The only shops open on a Sunday are at train stations, airports, and at petrol stations in and around urban areas.
  • In most occasions, grocery carry bags must be purchased at the store or brought from home.
  • Customers pack their own bags at the grocery store. 
  • Shopping trolleys require a CHF 1-2 coin deposit.
  • Fruit and vegetables are available pre-packaged and priced or loose to be weighed. For non-priced items, place them on the scale, enter the item's corresponding code and print the price tag.
  • Sales are held twice annually in January and July. 
  • Many shops offer loyalty programmes and regular discounts. For tips on living cost effectively in Fribourg, read the article Discounts and saving money in Fribourg


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Author: Virginie Schumacher

I grew up in France, in Paris. Just after I got my diploma from the hospitality school, I moved to the US (Minneapolis) for 2 years. Then I arrived in Switzerland in 2000 and had the great pleasure to work in beautiful palaces on the French Riviera for almost 10 years. I now live in the canton of Fribourg with my family. I am working with Packimpex as a relocation consultant. If I am not on the road with my clients, you may find me in the forest or in the countryside running. I also have the chance to meet my friends for a drink either at the café des Arcades (by the Fribourg's Cathedral) or at the café Populaire (nearby the university). Now that I've been living in Switzerland for almost 15 years, I learned how to enjoy life!

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