Shopping in Solothurn Where to shop in Solothurn

From high street brands to exclusive speciality boutiques, Swiss shopping has something for everyone. Shops are organised similarly throughout the country. You will generally find smaller specialty shops in the older parts of town with larger stores and shopping centres on the outskirts and in newer parts of the city. Most neighbourhoods have their own supermarket.

The best places to shop in Solothurn

Solothurn has many regional specialities, namely the "Solothurn cake", which is made with hazelnut meringue and crème filling. This can be found at local bakeries and delicatessens such as Suteria. Founded in 1830, Kerzen Jeger is a classic shop on Hauptgasse. The shop sells a large selection of candles, exquisite wallpaper, rice, teas and coffee. You also must try some absinthe from the Absinthe Bar ‘Die Grüne Fee'. The Art Supermarket is a popular annual event and a great place to find bargains.

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For furniture and household goods, check out Teo Jakob (DE/FR) in Solothurn. Otherwise, there is Conforama (DE/FR) and Ikea (DE/FR/IT) in nearby Lyssach. Bookshops include Lüthy (DE) and Säli (DE) in the old town.

Nearby shopping centres are Ladedorf (DE), Birchicenter (DE) in Solothurn, and Wankdorf (DE), Westside and Shoppyland (DE) centres near Bern.

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Shopping for essentials  

The main department store in Solothurn is Manor. The largest supermarket chains are Coop (DE/FR/IT), Migros (DE/FR/IT), Aldi (DE/FR/IT) and Denner (DE/FR/IT).


Markets in Solothurn

Solothurn has a weekly market  on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 08.00-12.00 in the historic centre between Biel Gate and the Cathedral of St. Ursus. There is also a monthly market along Hauptgasse and Gurzelngasse.

Between March and October the Buechibärger-Märet takes place on Thursdays from 14:00-20:00. Solothurn's Market Festival, the Märetfescht also occurs every summer before the school holidays and is a classic Solothurn event.

Shop opening hours in Solothurn

Shops in Solothurn are generally open on weekdays from 09.00 to 18.30, and until 16.00 or 17.00 on Saturdays. Shops stay open until 21.00 on Thursdays or Fridays and until 17.00 on Saturdays. Most shops are closed on Sunday except for the railway station shops and those at large petrol stations. Smaller shops and those outside of the city centre may also close over lunch.

Check Öffnungs Zeiten (DE) to find stores open on Sundays in each canton.

Online Shopping

For flexible hours and to avoid crowds, try shopping online for groceries at LeShop or Coop@Home. Zalando (DE/FR), Laredoute (DE/FR) and Koala are a few good options for clothes and shoes. For gift ideas, try visiting Geschenk Idee (DE) and sort through their wide collection based on the person you are shopping for.

Useful information on shopping in Switzerland

  • Most shops are closed on Sundays in Switzerland. The only shops open on a Sunday are at train stations, airports, and at petrol stations in and around urban areas.
  • In most occasions, grocery carry bags must be purchased at the store or brought from home.
  • Customers pack their own bags at the grocery store.
  • Shopping trolleys require a CHF 1-2 coin deposit.
  • Fruit and vegetables are available pre-packaged and priced or loose to be weighed. For non-priced items, place them on the scale, enter the item's corresponding code and print the price tag.
  • Sales are held twice annually in January and July.
  • Many shops offer loyalty programmes and regular discounts. For tips on living cost effectively in Solothurn, read the article Discounts and saving money in Solothurn.
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