Stuff expats don't talk about The nitty gritty guide to crucial lists, money and being an adult abroad

You would think most expats plan a move abroad in detail. My family didn't.

For my family, we didn't hesitate to move to Switzerland in 30 days.

There was plenty we didn't talk about before we moved.

We felt pretty irresponsible for a long time. We met a lot of expats who seemed to have their act together. But then after a glass or two of wine we would discover they were just as irresponsible as us. We learned there are things that almost NO expat we've met talked about until they were forced to.

Two lists to consider

When a death in our family occurred six months into our journey abroad, we were confronted with the idea that we would have to make these decisions. Insurance is crucial to make sure that you can afford the trip home. On a happier note, we also have a wedding list!

Emergency fund

Do you have an emergency fund? We learned that adults exists who have such a thing. When you have to make sudden, unexpected trips back home this is a life saver.

Money, money, money

Every expat experiences a financial slap in the face. This has to do with rebuilding your life from scratch. In our first 6 months we spent close to almost CHF 10,000 on just getting settled. That's things like our first months' rent, staying in a hotel, before we had a place to live, buying basic essentials for daily living. More affordable solutions, like renting furnished temporary accommodations (check out VISIONAPARTMENTS) exist.

Planning well, even while "flying by the seat of your pants" can save you time, money and stress!


Photo credits: © Daria Pesenti

Author: Tatiana Warkentin

Tatiana, otherwise known as Jam Buster, also known as the Dubious Hausfrau, is a Canadian expat living in Switzerland. She writes, adventures and works for a special department of the United Nations. She tries to keep up with the Swiss who can eat an average of 22 pounds of chocolate a year. Besides roller derby, her other interests are blogging about the truly weird, and special, thing called expat life. It's a way for her to document this incredible gift of an adventure.
Author image: © Ralph Rosenbauer

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