Switzerland's capital city for those young and young at heart Your summer in Bern awaits

Students from Lebermatt High School have put together some great suggestions to kick off summer in Bern style. Mike Tomsett rounded up the best tips.


By Mark, Robin, Markus and Elia

Whenever the warm weather hits Bern, a young, international and fun loving crowd is drawn to the Eichholz, which means Oak Wood. With green grass which goes on forever and lots of space for outdoor activities, there's room for everyone. Fireplaces and free wood is always available so you can enjoy a tasty barbeque or picnic as the Aare river flows right beside you. But don't just sit and admire it, jump right in — it's fresh but invigorating. The Eichholz is also a great spot for camping with your family and friends.

Other activities at the Eichholz which you might enjoy include beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee, slacklining, dancing, meeting new people and more.


The "Reitschule"

The "Reitschule Bern" is an independent and alternative cultural meeting centre. There's a huge offering of concerts, markets, movies, theatre productions, performances and exhibitions available all year round.

Built in 1897, the Reitschule was originally used as a riding school. In the early 80's, a political movement took place which saw the building being used as a cultural centre for the very first time. Since October 1987, the Reitschule, or Reithalle as it is also dubbed, has been occupied by community activists and is one of the longest running cultural centres in Bern.

The Reitschule is a great place to keep up with what's going on in the community, meet new people, enjoy a wide variety of cultural events or even participate. Whether living in or visiting Bern, you should definitely check it out.


Gelateria di Berna

By Elena and Tiziana

Grapefruit-pepper, pineapple-basil, raspberry-ginger and peanut chocolate boost. These are just some of the ice creams on offer at the Gelateria di Berna. The ice cream is homemade and prepared fresh every day providing a great quality product and making customers happy.

Although the queue is often quite long on a hot summer's day, it moves quite quickly so it's definitely worth the wait.

There are two Gelateria di Bernas in Bern to choose from. The first is situated on Länggasse Bern, where you can sit on a long brick wall amongst other ice cream lovers and enjoy the vibrant and friendly university community. Next door is a friendly café where you can take your ice cream inside and buy a drink to complement your creative flavours.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, venture down to the Gelateria di Berna at the Marzili — a free outdoor bathing, picnic and games area right on the River Aare. Although there are slightly fewer ice cream flavours to choose from, it's the perfect spot to enjoy your ice cream in peace on the Marzili's lush green grass.


On top of the 'Moléson'

By Nadia

Although not in Bern, if you consider yourself to be a little sporty and aren't afraid of heights, take a trip to the 'Moléson' to climb the via ferrata. It's an adventure in the mountains with a beautiful view.

The trail is about 400m long and there are rungs in the rocks to make climbing easier.

In three hours you get from the bottom of the Moléson to the top with a view over Suisse Romande, Lake Geneva and the Bernese Oberland. If you're not a climber, take the hiking trail instead to reach the top to admire the great view.

Photos: Eichholz © Sebastian Meier (Flickr); Reitschule © Roman Brunner (Flickr); © Gelateria di Berna; © moleson.ch


Outdoor thrills at Salt Cinema

Cinema tickets sponsored by Salt Cinema

These guides were kindly written by English students at Lebermatt High School in Bern. Marks were awarded by the class teacher and the students with the highest marks have received cinema tickets for Salt Cinema, Bern's best outdoor cinema

There are Salt Cinemas in Geneva, Zurich, Bern and Basel. Enjoy the magic of outdoor film this summer - find the summer programme on the Salt Cinema website from 26 June on.


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