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An interview with an experienced relocation professional, François Enzler, who works at Packimpex.

Moving to a new country is both exciting and difficult. The first three months can be particularly rough for relocating families. Moving is one thing, culturally adapting and feeling at home in a new community is another. If transferee morale becomes too low, it may jeopardise the success of an assignment. François Enzler tells us more about Packimpex's exciting integration programme.

What is the purpose of this training programme?
The Integration Support Programme is designed to address the concrete challenges experienced by individuals and groups moving to Switzerland. Relocation is like putting a puzzle together. The key is to start by defining the edges and then the middle will fill in from there. Each family's puzzle is unique. Packimpex's programme offers an informed and supportive space for this to happen in.

What makes this programme successful?
It contains a three strand approach: Informational support, instrumental support and emotional support. By building a yearly cycle, we keep the participants in a safe and evolutionary environment where they can interact with our consultants and better still – their peers. By leveraging the group size and the cycle's duration, the programme offers sustainable results and is far more cost effective than "one-to-one" cultural training.

Can companies tailor the programme to their needs?
Absolutely, it is a partnership between Packimpex and the HR managers of the company. Our tailored programme takes over where other support functions typically let go. We adapt to the size of the company, the budget, and the number of participants.

How is the programme delivered?
The complete package includes five components: the newcomer's survival and cultural integration programme, one-on-one drop in sessions, on-going integration sessions, social events and a communication portal.Sessions range from two hours to a full day. A new transferee and partner would meet a consultant between 4-6 times over the first six months and benefit from the full communication portal. The aim is to equip participants with the tools and information they need to feel at home in their new environment.

What are the risks for companies?
The cost is a few hundred francs per attendee per year. We are confident the total budget allocated to this programme, which benefits the entire expat population, will be less than the cost of one failed expat assignment.


The Programme makes an excellent contribution to the integration and happiness of partners and families. It is a significant success factor for any international assignment.-Anke Berning, Intercultural Trainer and Coach and guest speaker at Let's Meet & Share.


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