Temporary accommodation in Switzerland Looking for a furnished, temporary apartment in Switzerland?

VISIONAPARTMENTS offers furnished apartments with service and style across Switzerland and worldwide.

Are you searching for temporary accommodation in Switzerland?

VISIONAPARTMENTS currently offers over 1,800 tailor-made temporary living solutions in Zurich, Zug, Lausanne, Lausanne St. Sulpice, Vevey and other locations.

You benefit from the very best available rates when you rent long term.


Serviced apartments in Switzerland

VISIONAPARTMENTS are fully serviced temporary living solutions. The offer includes all ancillary costs, weekly cleaning with change of bed linen and towels, TV, free Internet access and local support team assistance — with no extra charges.

The company provides a wide range of tailor-made services such as additional cleaning, laundry service, parking spaces as well as additional equipment and furniture.


Temporary accommodation with service and style

Jens Dünnebacke and his team of customer advisers at VISIONAPARTMENTS are here to assist you in finding the highest quality temporary accommodation.


Fully furnished apartments in Switzerland

VISIONAPARTMENTS, in Switzerland, has grown quickly from a start-up to become a European market leader in temporary accommodation with central locations, stylish apartments and full service. 

The fully furnished apartments provide all the comforts you wish for when being away from home. Stylish interiors created with high quality materials come in different styles and sizes. You are sure to find an apartment that matches your needs and tastes.

Whether you are searching for an ideal temporary accommodation for an individual or a family, there is a solution for you.

Global temporary accommodation solutions

VISIONAPARTMENTS' global partner network makes it easy for you to arrange stays around the globe. We offer over 130,000 serviced apartments in over 850 business destinations worldwide.

VISIONAPARTMENTS are fully equipped apartments in Switzerland

An enjoyable living experience awaits you. From cutlery to toiletries, VISIONAPARTMENTS has everything you need from day one, with stunning interior design concepts.

VISIONAPARTMENTS is your solution for a comfortable stay abroad, with beautiful bathrooms, living space - with absolute style.
Scroll down to see additional photos of these stylish abodes.

An elegant bathroom oasis


Contemporary kitchen


Stunning interior design with touches of the East


Modern living in Zurich, Switzerland


Stylish sleeping quarters

Author: Jens Duennebacke

Jens works as a Local Sales Agent with VISIONAPARTMENTS in Zurich. He will be happy to assist you and help you find an apartment that suits your needs.

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