The Brand Man Switzerland's leading branding expert hits best-seller status with new book ‘BRANDING IT 3.0'

Marco Casanova is Switzerland's branding expert. His new book is available in English and has already become a best-seller on Amazon.

In Branding It 3.0: Business Performance through Excellence in Brand Management, Marco shows best-practice examples from more than 20 of today's leading corporations. He looks at Amazon, Netflix and Tesla – some of the most exciting companies of our time.


For Hello Switzerland's international business community, a unique insight is the close look at iconic Swiss brands such as Lindt Chocolate, Nescafé, Omega, Packimpex, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Swatch, Victorinox or the Nation Brand of Switzerland.


In the widely praised book, Marco gives guidance on how state-of-the-art brand management is achieved today.  Marco says, "I am proud, honored, thankful and just HAPPY that two months after launch my book has climbed all the way to the TOP 3 of Amazon Best Sellers in Global Marketing." You can order it on Amazon today!

Marco is firmly convinced that it's worthwhile for all organizations to aspire to business excellence in brand management. He says that "if you are able to build a trustworthy relationship with your stakeholders through your brand, it is very satisfying, both emotionally and financially. This kind of brand relationship becomes the competitive advantage.  It becomes the core competence of success."

Marco Casanova's next book Branding It 4.0 — coming soon — will take the theme of state-of-the-art brand management one step further, addressing leading-edge branding.  In it, Marco will also offer some provocative advice on how to consciously break certain cast-iron rules of branding in order to succeed in today's high-speed, short-attention-span culture.

More about Marco Casanova

Marco Casanova is the Chairman of the International Brand & Reputation Community INBREC, where Executives from companies like ABB, Allianz, Bayer, Bosch, Henkel, Mercedes, SBB, Schindler, Shell, SRF, Swisscom, and UBS have met regularly for more than fifteen years to facilitate knowledge and experience sharing.

He is the founder and managing partner of the Branding-Institute, which he began in 2002.  He serves in various Executive Boards and is consulting as strategic advisor various global large-scale and mid-sized enterprises of multiple industries as well as international organizations, associations and countries and their governmental institutions in brand and reputation guided stakeholder management. He holds a vast global network into various opinion leader circles through his political, economic and scientific activities.

Marco is a lecturer in various Executive and Master educational programs, including Brand Management and Intercultural Communications at the capital University of Berne. He is an international renowned speaker at conferences around the globe (Europe, China, India, South America) and for the United Nations (e.g. UNWTO).

He is married (since 2000), has two children (Valentina and Mario-Achille) and is fluent in five languages (German, English, Italian, Spanish and French).

Author: Mike Tomsett - Hello Switzerland

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