The Léman International Fair An event for locals, expats, and Swiss residents

Connecting People and Businesses since 2006, the best in Switzerland in English! An informative day for expats, locals and Swiss residents on a wide range of topics and products.

The Léman International Fair is an event that lets you connect with businesses in Switzerland who speak your language!

The fair offers a variety of things to do in the area and beyond like hotel resorts, golf resorts, thermal baths, as well as discovering practical and informative options relevant to long-term residents.

The Léman International  Fair has it all, from free casual portraits for kids and adults to professional high-quality business portraits photos for just CHF 40 (a 20% discount)! Business portraits are ideal for your CV and online networking. Dress smart! 

Plus, there's a FREE English book & DVD exchange; whether or not you bring any of your used English books or DVDs you can still take home new titles for free! 

The Léman International Fair 

This annual event began 10 years ago by Leman Events as a dedicated expat fair to help people living in the French-speaking part of Switzerland in their integration efforts in a short period of time.

The event evolved in an international fair for expats, locals and Swiss residents hosting a wide range of exhibitors who share vital information in English.

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Author: Jos van Megchelen & Melania Quinn

Melania and Jos are the co-directors of Léman Events Sàrl. Both have collective backgrounds in international business and event management. Based on their own experiences in adaptation, they created this international and active platform providing a base for international, social and business networking. Existing for ten years now, they consider themselves as spiders in the international web in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Monthly Newsletters, weekly updates on events organized by their network as well as the online Business Directory will keep the internationals posted on new things to discover.

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