Unmarried partners of newcomers to Switzerland Don't forget about insurance and pensions

"I have a very good income in Switzerland – my partner mainly looks after our children and is also involved with charitable organisations (social commitment, primarily in associations). We're not married – what precautions do we have to take in case something happens to me?"

In the case of cohabitation or patchwork families, Steeve Partouche recommends analysing your pension situation and clarifying your actual needs in detail.

Although Switzerland has a good social system, the regular social security insurances don't usually provide sufficient protection for survivors in such cases.

Essential points to consider

The unmarried partner in Switzerland who has very little or no income of their own is not sufficiently protected if something were to happen to him/her or to the main earner.

Set up insurances

Daniel Ahmeti and his team of professional insurance advisers at Helvetia are here to offer comprehensive insurance advice tailored to the needs of international people living in Switzerland.

If the main earner should die

1st pillar: no benefits for the partner, but a pension is paid for their own children.

2nd pillar: the benefits must be clarified (minimum period of cohabitation 5 years, actively protect the partner, etc.).

If something happens to the partner

As a homemaker, the partner is performing an unpaid job. If incapacitated due to illness or in case of death, new arrangements for childcare would be necessary, which usually involve considerable costs.

Carry out a professional analysis of your pension situation in the event of death or invalidity

 You will need the relevant social insurance and pension fund documents, including the regulations for the employed person.

Author: Steeve Partouche

Steeve Partouche is an insurance and pension advisor. He works at Helvetia’s Geneva East general agency and specializes in advising newcomers.

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