Village Camps Providing top quality international summer camps since 1972!

Every child should experience a summer camp once in their lives. By sending your child to Village Camps you are opting to give your child the best summer camp experience available. Campers can learn a new language, develop new skills, experience different cultures, and make valuable friendships that can last a life-time!

Dates and camps

June, July and August 2016
Residential Camps – 7-18 years
Day Camps – 4-14 years


Founded in 1972 by two expats originally from the U.S., Village Camps is in its 45th summer of Education through Recreation™ and continues to operate as a family-run business with a personalised approach. Based in the gorgeous, child-friendly mountain village of Leysin in Switzerland, campers aged 7 to 18 are welcomed at the Village Camps owned Swiss Alpine Centre. During the camp season, this centre becomes home to a vast variety of campers from around the world, boasting a plethora of different languages and cultures. With 11 different programmes from which to choose including Language, adventure, sports, and Leadership programmes, every camper is sure to find the perfect programme.

For families living in the Geneva area Village Day Camp, the pioneer of Day Camps in the region is also available welcoming 4-14 year olds at the College de Terre Sainte in Coppet. Campers can choose from 3 exciting programmes including Football Camp, Language Camp (French and English), or the classic multi activity programmes which many locals will know very well!

Carefully-selected, well-trained and highly enthusiastic staff members are certainly a major strength for Village Camps. They are the driving force behind the success of every camp. Their role in supervising, caring and guiding the kids cannot be overstated! This is why an enviable ratio of 1 counsellor for every 6 campers is maintained at all our sites.

Apart from the obvious benefits of improving various skills and discovering new interests, summer camps do a world of good for the character development process of a child. Through participation in exciting activities, team challenges, competitions, excursions and much more, campers develop self-confidence, a sense of independence as well as a larger understanding of different cultures. Village Camps is proud to create the ideal environment in which campers can learn, create memories, and forge new friendships that, in many cases, last a lifetime.

For parents in Switzerland looking to provide their children with exciting experiences abroad under the trusted structure and supervision of Village Camps, six other exciting locations are available including in England, France, Austria, Spain, Singapore and Canada. Each site has its own unique beauty and returning campers often like to try a different location the following year!

Summer is just around the corner and Village Camps looks forward to welcoming children to any of its seven exciting locations!

Author: Alex Ivy

Alex Ivy is a Camp Consultant for Village Camps S.A. Born in Geneva, Switzerland to an American father and Canadian mother, Alex has grown up in the camp industry and attended Village Camps’s summer camp in Leysin as a child. Passionate about the benefits of summer camp, Alex is more than happy to advise prospective parents and campers on the best programme and location for their summer camp experience. Feel free to contact Alex or any of his colleagues at the Village Camps office in Nyon, Switzerland for more information.

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