Visit the heart of Switzerland The birthplace of the Swiss Confederation

The Old Swiss Confederation was founded in 1291 on the Rütli meadow Seelisberg, an attractive mountainside area overlooking Lake Lucerne in Central Switzerland. 

When visiting this part of the country there are plenty of options for exploring its natural beauty and learning about its historical significance.  

The Rütli meadow is accessible exclusively by boat or by foot. Take a cruise on Lake Lucerne and disembark at Rütli. The pier is located right at the meadow. From there you can walk up the Swiss Path to the village of Seelisberg. The Swiss Path leads through several historically important locations and represents each canton along its 35km route. The walk between Rütli and Seelisberg (section A) is 2.6 km and takes about one hour. The spectacular views are well worth the effort. There a funicular running from the Seelisberg plateau to the boat pier at Treib, so you can catch a cruiser back to Lucerne. If you prefer walking downhill rather than up, simply reverse the route!  

Lucerne Tourism provides specific route suggestions for a day trip to Seelisberg and for several hikes through the region.

If you need more help deciding whether or not to visit, take a virtual tour of the stunning 360-degree panoramic view from Seelisberg and click through to a view of Rütli meadow (marked as the Rütliwiese).

After your day of hiking and relaxing in the sun, head back to Lucerne for dinner and drinks. Find suggestions in the Enjoying Lucerne article. You can also use the Around Me feature on the Hello Switzerland app (on iPhone and Android) to locate highly rated restaurant options in your direct vicinity. 

Photo credit: Diem Van Späni - Winner of Hello Switzerland's Issue 2 photo competition!

Author: Emma Baumhofer - Hello Switzerland

Emma Baumhofer is a Digital Consultant living in Switzerland.

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