Waste and recycling in Switzerland How to deal with different types of materials.

Trash, garbage and rubbish – whatever you call it, waste disposal is an important part of one's everyday household chores. In Switzerland, there's more to putting out the trash than just filling a rubbish bin. We explain.

The Swiss are efficient and conscientious about recycling (DE/FR/IT). They have a myriad set of rules and regulations for disposing of various types of materials. Unsurprisingly, Switzerland tops world rankings for taking environmental action (DE/FR). Adapting to Switzerland's waste and recycling collection system (DE/FR/IT) requires a bit of time and effort but it is good for your conscience, for your wallet, and for the environment!

Garbage & recycling

In Switzerland, special garbage bags are required for garbage collection, and these bags are priced according to their size. Garbage bags or stickers are available in all grocery stores and supermarkets.

Recycling collection points for glass, plastic, aluminium, paper, textiles and batteries are widely available.


Detailed regional guides on waste and recycling

Please refer to the articles listed below for further information about your region.



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