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The rules and regulations of garbage disposal and recycling in Switzerland take some getting used to, but are ultimately for the greater good.

Waste disposal & recycling in Geneva

The Swiss are efficient and conscientious about recycling and have a myriad set of rules and regulations. Unsurprisingly, they top world rankings for taking environmental action. Adapting to Switzerland's waste and recycling collection system require time and effort but is good for your conscience. Recycling collection points for glass, plastic, aluminium, tins, paper, textiles and batteries are widely distributed.


Many items must be recycled separately. Annual municipal garbage collection calendars  list the collection dates for various materials. Each local municipality in Switzerland has its own official garbage bag, with garbage collection taxes included in the price. Garbage is collected on designated days from pavements or storage units.


Everyday recycling


Glass bottles, jars and plastic PET bottles can be deposited at local recycling points.


In Geneva, paper and cardboard is collected on Wednesdays. It should be tied into bundles with string and placed on the street on paper collection days, or taken to the nearest paper recycling container.


Recycling collection containers for oils, old clothing and metals are available in most neighbourhoods.


Bulky goods can be delivered to one of three recovery areas: the Châtillon in Bernex, the Chanate in Bellevue and La Praille in Carouge Geneva city. Larger items, such as unwanted furniture or Christmas trees, can be disposed of by appointment with the Department of Urban Environment and Safety.

Author: François Enzler

After more than 10 years’ experience in relocation in Switzerland, François is now heading the Packimpex Academy which provides over 30 different training courses specific to the needs of the relocation industry. His experience of the daily challenges faced by relocation consultants flows directly into the training courses designed and led by the Packimpex Academy.

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