Welcome to the economic region of Lucerne A corporate destination with lifestyle and tax appeal

Welcome to the Canton of Lucerne, in the heart of Switzerland.

This is where quality of life and innovation meet. This is the essence of Switzerland. High-quality dual education with well-connected schools, a broad spectrum of job opportunities as well as an attractive business friendly environment for companies – these are the great assets which guarantee a competitive edge for Lucerne's job market. 

Attractive. Genuine. Reliable.

The Canton of Lucerne offers companies the lowest corporate tax rate in all of Switzerland. The highly attractive business friendly environment equips companies with the best possible conditions, enabling them to become competitive players. The best evidence of this are the local, regional, national and international businesses with real personality which are based in Lucerne.

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Lucerne Business 
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Rouven Willimann
Promotion & FDI
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Author: Rouven Willimann

Rouven Willimann is working with Luzern Business with Promotion & FDI. You can reach him at: +41 41 367 44 00 or rouven.willimann@luzern-business.ch.

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