Women Back to Business For women on the move

Did you recently move to Switzerland and are now looking for a professional challenge? Or do you want to return to the workforce after a family break or reposition yourself on the job market?

The University of St.Gallen, one of the leading business schools in Europe, offers an English-speaking management programme designed exclusively for women.

The "Women Back to Business" (WBB) programme is specially tailored to women with a university degree who want to relaunch their careers or change career tracks.


The course is ideal for expat partners who would like to use their time in Switzerland to further their studies or re-enter the workforce in an international environment.


This is why you should join the programme

  • You will be updated on the latest and most relevant management topics and will develop a deeper understanding of today's business challenges. The course also offers a solid management foundation to women with a non-business background who wish to develop their careers in a new direction.

  • You will receive professional support for your career relaunch or transition. Skills workshops and coaching sessions will provide you with opportunities to define your personal brand, increase your confidence, and create an individual plan to achieve your goals.

  • You will expand your professional network with managers from our partner companies across Switzerland. Each module is hosted by a different company, enabling you to look inside various industries and meet potential employers.

  • You will increase your visibility and marketability by proving your potential during an internship in the area of your choice. 

The program is structured in short, separate modules of 2-3 days each, allowing you to integrate it smoothly into your family's schedule.



The Women Back to Business (WBB) programme provides you with a unique opportunity to invest in yourself and develop your full potential together with other women in a similar position as yours.

The motivating effects of this group dynamic are empowering!

For over 10 years, the WBB programme has been supporting women on their way back to business.

Over 75% of our graduates have found qualified employment either during or shortly after completing the programme.


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Author: Patricia Widmer

Patricia Widmer studied business administration and economics with an emphasis in Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich. During her studies she worked at a leading global bank. After her graduation she joined a private bank as relationship manager. Together with her family she lived several years in the USA and Germany where she held responsible positions in many different volunteer organizations. After returning to Switzerland she completed her advanced studies at the ES-HSG ("Women Back to Business") and successfully returned to the workforce as relationship manager and Head of Human Resources at a small private bank. Since October 2014 she is responsible for the English speaking program "Women Back to Business".

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