Working in Switzerland as a contractor How to use a licensed Swiss payroll service

Accurity provides payroll services for contractors and freelancers in Switzerland. Benefit from freelance opportunities for professionals in Switzerland and avoid potential pitfalls.

If you are looking to take up contract work in Switzerland, if you are a Swiss company using contract staff or an international recruiter, chances are you will have heard of Accurity.

We have been providing payroll services for over 20 years for contractors and freelancing staff working on assignment either for Swiss clients or working from their base in Switzerland to Swiss or foreign clients.

Our work in this field started in 1999 with a phone call from a client looking for a reliable and trusted partner to provide payroll and employment services for contractors working on assignment.

Our founding partners had previously discovered for themselves how it felt to be a ‘newbie' contractor cast adrift in Switzerland – with that phone call we recognized we could use our experiences to make sure future contractors were properly supported to get the most out of their time living and working here.

Since that ‘lightbulb' moment we have been providing expert payroll and labor leasing support to contractors all over the world, which has also benefitted international recruitment companies and their Swiss based clients.


Let the experts handle it for you

"Our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way in your new contracting role in Switzerland."

CEO of Accurity GmbH
Nicola Clothier


Legal and financial security as a contractor

You probably already know that almost all contractors and freelancers need to work through a Swiss labour leasing company if they are subject to Swiss employment conditions.

What you may not have known is that this is actually a very good thing for you: it gives you the flexibility of being a contractor/freelancer while Accurity is responsible for your legal and financial security.  

This means you get statutory employee benefits, such as income protection if you cannot work due to illness or accident, plus you get paid even when the client has not yet paid us.

Choose the right payroll service provider

As a contractor you need to know how much money you will earn before you can decide which payroll company to use.

Before you are presented with a contract, Accurity provides you with a full financial estimate based on realistic expectations, so you have reliable information.

That estimate is given without obligation and free of charge to make sure you are fully informed about the real contract value to you.

You should also know that your payroll company will look after you as an individual and work in your best interest.

Tax, pension provision and salary retention rates are all important factors to consider.

Expert payroll service for full compliance and personal support  

We work for you to maximize your net income while talking into account your individual circumstances and what this means for you.

We will advise on what payroll options suit you best.

We will always talk you through the choices available and ensure your decision complies fully with Swiss law.

What's more, we never forget the personal aspect.

All too often contractors and freelancers are seen merely as productive work units – we treat you as an individual and work with you to recognize your needs, establish your priorities and also take into account the requirements of any immediate family affected by your work situation.

Many of our contractors have settled in Switzerland permanently, not just for financial reasons but also as a lifestyle choice, and we do our utmost to ensure you enjoy your time while working with us.

We support contractors across all industry sectors right across Switzerland and very much enjoy meeting our diverse and talented Accuriters!

Getting a work/residence permit sorted, opening a bank account, finding an apartment – all this and more is part and parcel of our commitment to getting you settled in smoothly, with the minimum disruption to your life.

Contact Accurity for all matters related to contract work

For us no two days are ever the same: we might be answering calls about a new major project from a Swiss client, dealing with queries from a partner recruiting agent or helping a new arrival import his or her pets and household belongings.

Our team are very friendly and international, many of them have also been new to Switzerland at one stage or another in their lives so they really understand and sympathise with the logistical challenges posed when you are trying to get settled into a new job and a new way of life at the same time.

We really enjoy our work and anyone visiting our offices is sure to receive a very warm welcome!

If you are a contractor, client or recruiter interested in learning more about the services and support Accurity can offer you, feel free to contact us a for more information.

Any information you supply to us is treated as strictly confidential and we will be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Author: Nicola Clothier

Accurity Gmbh provides expert payroll service for full compliance and personal support. The company was established 20 years ago and its original founders continue to lead the Accurity team with the same dedication as on the day they started. Whether you are an experienced contractor or moving to Switzerland to work as a contractor for the first time, Accurity is here to look after you and your employment needs.

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