You are what you eat Eat well! Your body is one of a kind. Listen to it and eat well.

Healthy eating is not just trendy or a boring routine, it is fun! Try to explore new flavours on your own terms and listen to your body. Read these nutritional tips and get excited about everyday healthy food.

Super foods: have you heard about the wonderful benefits of pomegranates?

Some people expect to immediately benefit from the miracle properties of this fruit. But what if you don't like the taste? Then feel no pressure to integrate pomegranates into your daily diet. First and foremost, take care of your body. There is a huge variety of healthy food, with wonderful ingredients and well known benefits. Choose what you like, choose what does your body well – and avoid the rest.

Enjoy food! Have fun with food! Discover healthy food that you truly enjoy. You can see how much fun it is to prepare healthy food. Also – you don't have to drink green smoothies or trendy kale chips, just because they are trendy and Hollywood stars like them.

What is better, three or five meals a day?

Neither of them is better; find out your own preference. Depending on what your meal consists of, both versions can be very healthy! However, try not to eat too much.

What is the recommendation to eat no carbohydrates in the evening?

From a nutritional point of view, there is no reason to avoid pasta, rice, potatoes and other tasty foods that are high in carbohydrate in the evening. It is much more important to choose from the variety of fresh, natural and healthy foods those that do your body good.




Author: Jonas Caflisch

Jonas Caflisch, Owner of INDIGO Fitness Clubs

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