Best way to sell a car How to resell a car for top dollar

As the number one car service provider for expats in Switzerland, we often hear from expats who are leaving Switzerland and enquire whether we can sell their cars. Because we sell with re-sale in mind, cars originally sold by us sell quickly. But most regular dealers sell "unsellable" cars. Allow us to explain.

The key for a good resale is to buy the right car in the first place. This is why our experts at Autociel wisely select the cars on offer.

Many people buy cheap and end up reselling very cheap, making the overall deal a bad one.

Unlike Autociel, the majority of car dealers in Switzerland don't have the specific objective of selling cars that will resell quickly and hold their value.

Their business model is to sell their brands and the cars they have in stock, which is understandable. Yet most cars that are in stock are hard to resell.


Let the experts handle it for you

Markus Häfeli founded Autociel in 2002.

Markus and his team of auto experts is here to advise you on all matters related to renting, leasing, purchasing or selling cars.


Consider the residual value

Autociel uses realistic residual values on leased cars, allowing a smooth return of the car, in most cases even if the car has to be returned a few months before the term of the lease.

Again, most car dealers have a very different approach, with very high residual values that do not work if you leave the country when you return the car – leaving you with very high penalties to pay.

But if you're reading this, you might have bought your car already… so what about its resale now?

You can, of course, try to resell the car privately, if you have the time and energy to do so.

Some cars go quickly, but most require several weeks (if not months) to sell while you have to answer people's questions, requests for viewings and test drives etc.

Once you have found a buyer, you need to trust him enough to give him the car title without having received any money – or he needs to trust you enough to pay the car before he gets anything.

Timing also needs to work for both of you as he might need the car before you can give it.

So yes, it is feasible but most of the time it takes a lot of effort and most people end up selling at the same price as we would have offered for a direct purchase of their car, or lower.

If your car is very recent and still worth good money, then it will be more difficult to sell privately – mostly because buyers will need financing.

Best way to sell a car

Here is what we at Autociel can do for you to make sure you re-sell your car without any hassle and at top dollar.

We offer the "consignment sale" service: we pick up your car, put it on sale, take care of all the de-registration and other admin, arrange viewings and test drives and arrange financing.

Once the car sells, we wire the money back to you – wherever you are around the globe.

As a professional car dealer, Autociel can also resell a bit higher than you can manage privately.

This way you are not under time pressure and you can re-sell the car at the right price.

Author: Markus Häfeli

Markus is an entrepreneur and owns two companies that specialise in catering to the needs of expats in Switzerland. Autociel ( caters to the car needs of expats in Switzerland and includes rental, leasing and sale of quality cars. Markus has worked with expats for over 17 years. He enjoys contact with people from around the world and takes an avid interest in cars, health and fitness. He enjoys spending time with his son.

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