D4 Business Village Luzern The perfect place to do business

With rented business accommodation of up 20,000 square metres, fully furnished and serviced offices for short-term lets and meeting rooms, the D4 Business Village Luzern has everything you'll ever need.

Where the action is

The D4 Business Village Luzern is a success story: since it opened in 2003, more than 100 companies employing around 2000 people have made its 53,000 m2 their domicile and helped put the Rontal district on the economic map. Lucerne is an attractive location for companies from Switzerland and elsewhere. The D4 Business Village Luzern is situated on the Lucerne-Zug-Zurich axis and benefits from excellent transport links thanks to its own railway station (Root D4) and bus stop, as well as a nearby motorway exit – Zurich, for instance, is less than 45 minutes' drive away.

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Great business location

Due to its flexible concept and modern architecture, the D4 Business Village Luzern offers innovative companies new dimensions in the business context. D4 possesses all the factors forward-looking companies need to thrive and succeed. What's more, this central location in Canton Lucerne benefits from the lowest corporate taxation rate in the whole of Switzerland. The authorities here are straightforward and professional when it comes to business relocations. And last but not least, Lucerne is prized for its high standard of living, flourishing cultural scene and recreational resources.

Consumer adapted offices

Micro enterprises, SMEs and major corporations can all take advantage of D4's extensive portfolio of office space: ranging from one room to multiple thousands of square metres, the facilities can be tailored to a wide variety of requirements and types of company. The modular nature of the space allows it to be configured whenever required. However, the D4 Business Village Luzern offers much more than just rented office space: it also provides telephone, secretarial and postal services, up-to-the-minute server rooms and electronic high-security access control systems, as well as a broad range of ancillary services such as a gym, restaurants, childcare and so on.

Easing the burden on business

Companies are faced with daily administrative burdens. People running up-and-coming businesses, though, must be allowed to concentrate on revenue-related activities and their core business. D4 Business Village Luzern employs a team of professionals whose job is to ease your workload with a range of services. Under your directions, they'll deal with your correspondence, answer your telephone calls, translate your texts and take care of your bookkeeping. They'll also assist you with your day-to-day tasks, organise your laundry and dry-cleaning, oversee your vehicle's servicing, etc. and coordinate your travel arrangements.

Daily gym and more

The D4 Business Village Luzern has all you need for a healthy work-life balance. It offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sporting activities and wellness facilities (e.g. sauna and massage) and a selection of food and beverage outlets. This creates a feel-good atmosphere, which has an enduring and positive effect on the wellbeing and productivity of those working at D4. One particular advantage of D4 is its proximity to nature which, for a business centre of this size, is surely unique.
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Future-oriented domestic and foreign companies find optimal conditions in D4 Business Village Luzern. An attractive location in many aspects, modern architecture and a top infrastructure.

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