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Make sure you choose a nursery that is both stimulating for the children and practical for the parents. Globegarden offers bilingual care, an early-learning program and long opening hours.

Founding a family and becoming a parent can be one of the most wonderful but challenging experiences in life. One of these challenges is finding the right daycare for your children. The daycare solution should be both educationally stimulating for the children and practical for their parents. Many families decide for their child to join a childcare in order to enable them to play with other children, develop social competency and prepare for Kindergarten. For the international families moving to Switzerland, the language is an important factor as well: expat families want their children to ideally learn both the local language, German, as well as English.

Early learning program

At globegarden the children are enrolled between the age of three months and seven years, we offer groups for the age groups: Infants & Toddlers, Twos and PreKindergarten.

The childcare centers are bilingual, so the children have the opportunity to be exposed to the two languages, German and English, from an early age.

This way the children can substantially increase their listening comprehension in the foreign language and build a more versatile passive vocabulary than children in a monolingual environment. Every globegarden nursery also follows the globegarden curriculum "Discover the World Step by Step".

This early learning program helps creating an active learning environment for children of all age classes at the nursery.

The children should learn in a playful manner. The curriculum at globegarden is centered on the focus areas Language Speaks, Math Rocks, Science Discovers, Our World, Art Around and Well Aware.

Balancing work and family

For each family the perfect childcare solution is a different one. In order to choose their tailor-made childcare solution, parents usually look for a daycare that offers them a lot of flexibility. globegarden nurseries offer long opening hours until 7pm with the possibilty of emergency care until 9pm. In most globegarden childcare centers there are two time models available depending on the family's needs. In some childcare centers we also offer a variety of half day models. Besides the flexible time models, globegarden childcare centers are also open all year long except for public holidays, between Christmas and New Year's as well as one team training day.

Joining a Swiss-wide network

globegarden was founded in 2008 and is currently operating 16 childcare centers in Zurich city, five in the surroundings of Zurich (Thalwil, Kilchberg, Wallisellen, Zollikon and Glattpark), three in Basel, three in Zug and one in each Winterthur, Schaffhausen and Bern. Some of the nurseries are employer-sponsored childcare centers, some employers decide to reserve childcare spots for their employees or subsidize their employees in their childcare solutions. Joining an experienced, networked operator like globegarden gives the parents the advantage that the operator can support them in finding a nursery spot among different centers within the same city, changing to another center when moving to a new city.

Equally, families joining an operator with a Swiss-wide network can benefit from the bonds the operator has established with different employers. 

Author: Jana Caduff

Jana Caduff is working in Sales & Marketing for the Swiss childcare organization "globegarden" that was founded in 2008 and is operating 21 childcare centers in Switzerland. In the past Ms. Caduff worked for Kraft Foods and EF Education and had been living in the US, France and Venezuela.

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