Holiday Clubs at SIS Swiss International School Fasten your seat belt, next stop: SIS Holidays

At SIS, students can attend an exciting week-long holiday club packed with sports, fun and games. Holiday clubs offer students a valuable complement to their family life and create unforgettable memories.

SIS kindergarten and primary school students can sign up for holiday clubs during the school holidays in autumn, winter, spring and summer. 

The children enjoy taking part in a varied programme – including trips – under the supervision of an experienced SIS team.

Each SIS school organises its own holiday clubs, with interesting topics, such as the Olympic Games, farming or gardening.

Discovering Swiss Culture

Top bilingual education

Marcel Stähli is the CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG, an education group with 8 private bilingual day schools.
Marcel and his team of educators are here to help you choose the best bilingual school for your child.


This summer for instance, students from SIS Rotkreuz-Zug travelled to the Transport Museum in Lucerne, visited the local swimming pool and went on an excursion to the Children's Zoo in Rapperswil. There was also time for school based art activities.

Students from SIS Winterthur on the other hand, visited a local Bio farm where they witnessed the birth of three lambs. They also travelled to the famous chocolate factory Frey.

There, the children learnt how Swiss chocolate is made – delicious samples included. The older students even got a chance to create their own chocolate – from white to dark, with or without sprinkles. 

By organising activities and trips to places of interest in the local surroundings, students are encouraged to discover Swiss culture, which fosters a relationship to their immediate environment.

At the same time, students get a chance to deepen their friendships in an international school community – all while practising their German and English language skills in a natural way.

Strong School Community

As a bilingual day school, SIS is committed to supporting children as they are growing up.

Apart from the holiday clubs, we also offer lunchtime meals, homework supervision and flexible drop-off and pick-up times.

It is important to us that students of all age groups feel happy and comfortable at SIS, which is why we offer a range of services that cater to our students' various needs.

Students, staff and parents alike profit from the diverse extracurricular activities offered at SIS.

SIS' extracurricular programme not only encourages students to develop and nurture their social skills but also strengthens SIS' school spirit and provides valuable support for working parents.

Start packing and explore the benefits of bilingual education for your child today!

Author: Marcel Stähli

Marcel Stähli is the CEO of SIS Swiss International Schools Schweiz AG. SIS operates 16 bilingual, private day schools in Switzerland, Germany and Brazil with more than 3,800 students attending classes from kindergarten through to college.

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