Top venues for following the European Championship Watching the national football team's matches

Footballing wizardry, cold drinks, and a good atmosphere – public screenings are quite simply fun! We have found the top venues in Switzerland for watching the national team's matches, from Bern to St. Gallen, from a relaxed beer garden to a large event hall.

Swiss venues for public screenings

In time for the European Championship, Bonviva is presenting the 12 best places to get behind the national team. Discover the best places in Switzerland to watch the games live, from a small relaxed beer garden to a large event hall.

The air is buzzing with excitement. Everyone is glued to the screen. Will he score the penalty? The ref's whistle blows: run-up, shot, goal – jubilation! You can experience shared moments like this again and again at public screenings, often alongside people you don't even know. The event binds people together, and the unique atmosphere is not easily forgotten.

The atmosphere at a public screening? Close to that of the stadium.

Below you can discover the top twelve locations for public screenings in Switzerland: for example, at the Grosse Schanze in Bern, in the MAAG halls in Zurich, at the relaxed beach bar of an open-air swimming pool in Lucerne, at the Seemätteli Nidau, or on the Place de la Navigation in Lausanne.

Bern – Grosse Schanze

The matches can be watched this summer on a large screen at the Grosse Schanze in the west of the old town.

Winterhur – Winti-Arena

People will be on the edge of their seats at the Winti-Arena too. With space for 3,000 fans, this is one of the biggest public screenings in Switzerland.
Zurich – MAAG Halle
All the matches will be screened live indoors and out in six different halls at MAAG in Zurich's district 5.
Wettingen – Inselarena
Public screening on the abbey peninsula. The games can be watched on the big screen in the covered outdoor area.
The swimming pool on Lake Lucerne offers a beach bar, sandy beach, and of course, live football.
Solothurn – Riding arena
At kick-off, the riding arena is transformed into an event site. The matches are shown on the screen, while you feast in the comfort of the bistro.
St.Gallen – AFG Arena
This is biggest public screening venue in Switzerland, with space for 6,000 fans. All Switzerland's matches will be broadcast live on the big screen.
Nidau – Seemätteli
There is a long tradition of screening football tournaments at the Seemätteli on Lake Bienne.
Lausanne – Ouchy fan zone
You can watch the matches on a 50 m² screen in the heart of the city in the company of lots of other fans.
Bellinzona – Stadium
In Ticino, the football festival will be broadcast live close to the stadium.
Lugano – Parco Ciani
This year, the live broadcasts of the matches will take place in the park, the green lung of Lugano.
Geneva – Fan zone
There is likely to be an official fan zone in the city of Geneva again in 2016 – probably in Plainpalais. Unfortunately, the details have not yet been finalized. But we'll keep you posted.
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