The Semi Circle

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This theatre group dates back to 1967 when a few members of the British Circle in Basel got together regularly to read English plays. Eventually the Semi Circle was born – the name stems from the British Circle who first sponsored the group and the semi-circle of chairs used in public playreadings. In the last few years the group has been able to broaden the range of plays offered to its audiences. It has been fortunate in being able to attract a lot of new talent from among the English-speaking community of the Basel region and has been able to offer a wide range of activities to members who prefer to stay clear of grease-paint and the foot-lights. The group has started acting lessons (under the direction of Richard Levitt) for its school-age members. Regular monthly play-readings give members a chance to involve themselves in English-language theatre. Amateur theatre productions mean a great deal of hard work, but they also give a lot of fun and a great deal of pleasure to the audiences. New members, with or without experience, are always welcome: on stage, behind the scenes or front of house. If you would like to join or be regularly informed about the activities, please put your name and address on the mailing list.

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