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Shiva Shakti Yoga Shala, located in the center of Lausanne, near to the Riponne and Valentin car parks as well as the Bel-Air, Riponne and Rue Neuve bus stations, offers you a chance to learn and practice different aspects of Yoga.

A quick overview of our teachers and their styles :

Amandine offers Hatha Yoga courses for beginners and intermediate practitioners, with some easy sequential movements and sometimes holding the postures for a longer time, as well as a final relaxation.

Heinrich offers you prenatal yoga, to help you having not only a good pregnancy but also to prepare you for the best of possible childbirths : the emphasis being breathing, perineum training, opening the the pelvis simple postures and relaxation. Heinrich also teaches quite classic Hatha Yoga, mixed with some Kundalini Yoga techniques, mostly holding the postures but also including sequences from time to time ; Pranayama, "breathing techniques" are also included in each session.

Monica teaches a dynamic, fluid and invigorating style of Hatha-Vinyasa, in a gentlw way, in order for you to link the sequences with your breathing and find strength, centring and finally relaxation.

Julie offers you her Vinyasa-Flow as well as Power-Yoga lessons ; the Vinyasa-Flow lesson is open for all and consists in a fluid and dynamic sequence of postures. Her Power-Yoga course is an energizing sequence of postures which mobilise the whole body, reinforcing it and helping it become more flexible. It is also open to all, but it's good to already practice yoga in order to fully enjoy it.

We offer different possibilities in matters of passes or unlimited access ; for prices, hours, and general information, check out our website:

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Rue Neuve 13
1003  Lausanne
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Telephone: +41 (0)77 452 99 36
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