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No question, living legend from Bern, is one of the best tattoo studios in Switzerland. Through many years of experience, a lot of know-how, good service and a friendly atmosphere, Living Legend has become the top recommendation for tattoo lovers and an important address for many stars. Tattoo is not the same as tattoo. Anyone who has dealt more intensively with the topic knows that it is a bit more complicated. It's much more about delivering something extravagant to every customer. Anyone who chooses to make a tattoo will make that decision for a reason. In order for this to remain something special, we work very meticulously and customer-oriented to implement that particularly well. It is very important to us to comply permanently with the wishes of our customers. Long-term customer care underscores for us a degree of trust that the customer has towards us. And therefore we are proud. To make this easier, you can make an appointment by phone or online. Good work takes time. We gladly give you that. So you can visit us spontaneously on site. So you can get to know us in person for the time being and you want to familiarize yourself with the ambience. Parking space is something foreign. You want to find us in the heart of Freudenberg at the center of Bern, Switzerland. The biggest tattoo studio in Bern. With us you get our high quality and creative tattoos - and not the price.

Giacomettistrasse 15
3006  Bern
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Telephone: +41786666616
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