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A small, flower-filled town with a population of fourteen thousand people, Morges occupies a privileged position on the Swiss side of Lake Geneva, facing the majesty of Mont Blanc. There is a great deal on offer in this beautiful town and its picturesque surroundings, the true ‘Flower of the Lake’. Stroll at your leisure through the vineyard and golden countryside, in this region of abundant good food and wine. On your wanderings you will meet men and women who will teach you to love their land and its products. During the summer months, satisfy your thirst for discovery by enjoying a boat trip on Lake Geneva or by trying the many water sports available in Morges Bay. Or walk as far as you can along the lake, past flower- covered quays, to a small and charming port, where you can watch the fishermen bringing in the fruits of their labours. You will also have the opportunity to admire more than two hundred species of birds. But Morges is not just the ‘Flower of the Lake’; it also abounds with culture. Founded in 1286, the town and its surrounding area include many historical sites, prestigious witnesses to the past, and several museums and sites are well worth a visit. Whatever your aspirations and the season of your stay, you will experience many very colourful events, either in the Morges region or in Lausanne, the nearby Olympic capital.

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