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Language and culture tours are created to support you in integrating fast in Zürich by providing you with necessary Swiss German vocabulary, introducing places and people so that one can feel comfortable and welcome while mingling with the locals. for whom: Being new in Zürich and getting to know the locals is not the easiest thing. One of the berries standing in the way is certainly the language, the other one might be that Swiss are not necessarily known for being very approachable folks. However, once they open up they are heart-warming and carrying people with whom one can develop quality friendships with. Coming to Switzerland from the USA 11 years ago I experienced how it feels being new and wishing to integrated in Zürich-culture. I was lucky enough to have a native Zürich partner and learned both German and Swiss German quite fast. This led me to realise how important it is to speak at least a bit of the local language and have at least one person as a reference point, who can support in opening the door into the „Zürich world“. Yet, when we land in Zürich without knowing anyone, we tend to move in the same circles of people from the same culture and often lacking courage to open up and " mix it up* my background: Studied communications in NYC Worked in film-PR in NYC Worked in film production in Zürich Masters in cultural management in Zürich Working as a German and English teacher for adults and kids in Zürich packages : A 3 hour tour can include any of these fields cultural and art events restaurants and bars parties markets and shopping what you get: personal attention and encouragement in small groups of maximum 4 people vocabulary lists connected to a specific topic pronunciation expertise and practice opportunity to apply it on the spot in a real situation getting to know new places and people learning about local happenings

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