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TOTAL FORCE GYM: Certified Personal Trainer - Sports Coach (English & French) A friendly, motivating, empathetic coach who really gets results. Personal training for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. Certified with FISAF in Switzerland, this coach has also trained with Charles Poliquin and Phil Learney in the UK, and is one of the rare personal trainers in Switzerland qualified to use the BioPrint & BioSignature fat analysis method. This method provides an accurate hormonal profile and body fat analysis that allows the coach to develop a tailor-made program targeting your "weak points" - enabling you to achieve your desired results faster. Coach specialized in: - Fat loss, weight loss - Muscle gain - Advanced nutritional strategies - Group training - Athletic performance training - Online training High-quality equipment unique in Switzerland: Atlantis, Olympic standard, imported from the USA. Private gym studio in Eclépens (5 minutes from Crissier / 15 minutes from Lausanne) with a friendly, inclusive atmosphere. Call today for more information or to book a session - first session offered free of charge. 079 754 96 65

ZI Les Portettes
1312  Eclépens
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Telephone: +41 79 754 96 65
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