KiTs Bilingual Dayschool

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KiTs Dayschool GmbH is a local, private, bilingual Dayschool founded in 2005 and is accredited by Canton St. Gallen. The school specializes in developing individual talents of gifted and mainstream pupils from Kindergarten to secondary school in small groups and classes. The children undertake weekly special projects that allow discovery, development and deepening of learning areas through independent exploration and experimentation.

An international team of qualified educators follows the cantonally approved curriculum to ensure smooth integration into the public school system. The teaching takes into account the talents, the development and the pace of learning of each child. The curiosity and joy of learning are awakened while confidence is strengthened by experiencing success. The school offers customized multi-lingual preparation for Cambridge English Exams, French DELF Tests and the local German Cockpit Tests. A pull-out remedial class program is available for external children.

Toggenburgerstrasse 120
9500  Wil/ SG
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Telephone: +41 71 920 02 11
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