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Bern, bears and beer – they go together like hops and malt. From the famous BearPark, where Bern’s resident brown bears, Finn, Björk and their daughter Ursina, live in a 6,000-m2 natural enclosure, it’s just a few steps to the Altes Tramdepot, a restaurant and brewery all in one. While papa bear Finn takes his daily bath outside in the Aare river, inside 3,100 hectoliters of beer are brewed every year. Two giant, gleaming copper kettles stand in the middle of the restaurant, and even a trip to the john is a memorable experience thanks to the brewing room in the basement. By the way, If you have to look up the difference between top-fermented and bottom-fermented in a dictionary (sorry, on Google), then master brewer Christian Stoiber and his colleagues can assist you. Every Saturday, beer buffs will take you on a 45-minute journey through the world of beer during the brewery tour.

Grosser Muristalden 6
3006  Bern
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