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Relocating to another country is an important decision and can be overwhelming when it comes to moving with family pets. ACE Pet Moving, with offices at Zurich and Geneva airport, is specialized in the transportation of live animals worldwide and Switzerland's first choice for pet relocations.


Are you aware of the required documentation when it comes to flying your beloved pet to Switzerland? Have you chosen the best flight connection for your pet? Do you have the right crate for such a journey?
ACE Pet Moving will assist you with all those questions. Our team of trained experts has extensive experience in this unique field and will provide you with the information needed for your pet's safe journey.


Let the experts handle it for you

Markus Widmann and his team of dedicated Move Managers at Packimpex will make sure your move to or out of Switzerland is stress-free, with nothing left to chance.


Every country sets its own regulation when it comes to the importation of animals. While some countries only require a rabies vaccination and a health certificate, others will have complex regulations to follow and require permits and quarantine. Also consider that airlines have their own policies when it comes to live animal transportation. No matter what your destination may be, ACE Pet Moving is the right choice when it comes to moving with your pet abroad. We are grateful for the mutual trust and excellent relationships that we have built up over the years with our global partners, airlines and government contacts – key factors that will ensure your animal's safest door-to-door relocation.


ACE Pet Moving offers a wide range of service needed for a worry-free door-to-door relocation:

  • Collection and deliveries with special equipped and climate controlled vehicle
  • Arranging veterinarian work
  • Government vet endorsements
  • Travel crates that comply with the IATA Live Animal Regulation
  • Permit application, quarantine bookings and boarding arrangement
  • Accompanied pet travel and flight bookings as manifested cargo


Find as following a few tips on the preparation that assures a safe & comfortable trip for your pet:

  1. Crate training 
    To minimize the stress it is highly recommended that your pet gets used to the travel crate. Your pet has to be able to stand in an upright position, turn around and lie down comfortable. The travel crate has to meet the IATA LAR container requirements and not all brands sold in shops are compatible for air transportation.
  2. No tranquillizers 
    During air travels, tranquillizers are not allowed. Dogs and cats cannot control their body temperature under the influence of tranquillizers. At high altitude tranquillizers may act differently and the consequences may be fatal.
  3. Food & water
    Dogs and cats can go without food for several days without taking any harm. Animals may react with an upset stomach during stressful situations. We therefore recommend not feed dogs and cats before departure.
    Water is very important and must be provided at all times to avoid dehydration. Freeze the water prior to transportation, to avoid spillage when being loaded onto the aircraft.

Please feel free to contact our team for more information or a quote without obligations. One of our caring experts will be happy to assist you.

Author: Marianne Imhof

Marianne Imhof is the co-founder of ACE Pet Moving. She has successfully completed the federal graduation as specialist in the freight forwarding industry and additional trainings for transporting live animals by air. She lived and worked in Brisbane, Australia and started ACE Pet Moving in 2009 with Marcel Brozius.

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