Balcony garden sanctuaries Bring some green into your habitat

Make the most of small outdoor areas and think creatively to bring a garden into your home.

One difficult transition for many expats moving to Switzerland is a perceived lack of space. If you're unaccustomed to apartment living, you may be missing the garden you had back home. Luckily, we've got a few suggestions to help you get some greenery back into your life. From simple DIY, to interesting urban projects, to cool events, it's time to test that green thumb of yours.  



Make the most of a small space by building vertical. Plant flowers in a DIY stackable pallet garden from Apartment Therapy. This project is perfect for a balcony or a small patio.

Bring the green inside your home with an awesome, rustic mason jar wall planter. Not Just a Housewife explains how to make this simple but elegant piece.  




Make your plants mobile! BACSAC planter bags allow you to change up your garden design on a whim. Plus their various indoor and outdoor designs add a chic industrial design to your home.

Don't forget, you can grow more than flowers. Why not try out some herb or vegetable plants? Zurich-based start-up Veg and the City is working to reconnect urban dwellers with the food they eat. Try one of their workshops on urban balcony gardening.



Visit one of these excellent home and garden events in Lausanne or Zurich this month. (Leave a comment on this article if you have another event to recommend!) These events are wonderful for those lucky ducks who actually have gardens in Switzerland, but they can offer inspiration to those who don't as well!


Lausanne – March 08 to 16

With 500 exhibitors and 12 different sections on various topics, this massive home and landscape show has something for everyone.

Giardina Zurich – Live your garden

Zurich – March 12 to 16

Giardinia exhibits exquisite show gardens as well as design concepts for flowers, plants and landscaping. For garden lovers, this event is not to be missed!


Check out the Pinterest Board we've started on this topic! Do you have suggestions of other DIY projects or gardening tips? Leave a comment below.            

Author: Emma Baumhofer - Hello Switzerland

Emma Baumhofer is a Digital Consultant living in Switzerland.

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