Business minds The brain power behind Geneva's new eat&out app

Issue: 1/2017
There is an incredible energy between Myke Penseyres and Massaki Chraiti. The dynamic duo newly graduated from the Geneva School of Economics and Management sit down with Hello Switzerland to discuss their work, their passion and the future.

eat&out was launched by Penseyres and Chraiti. eat&out is an application which every noon there is an offer in a restaurant near the University of Geneva.

What got you into entrepreneurship?

Massaki: We've always been excited about the idea of tackling new challenges while creating our own project. We haven't been too enthusiastic about working in a big organization where hierarchy is absolute. It is essential for us to have a lot of flexibility, and what's better than being your own boss?

Could you tell us more about your app, eat&out?

Massaki: For users, our app eat&out is a new way to discover new places while saving (decision) time and money! For our partners, it is an innovative way to communicate to students and have direct feedbacks on what they offer. Moreover, they know on which specific day they can expect additional clients.

What is eat&out all about?

Myke: Our app offers two daily deals for students: One in a restaurant nearby the university for lunch and a fun activity for the evening. We organize meetings with our members to improve the panel of proposals. We have to think about things like, who is a vegetarian? Who would
like a bowling party? All opinions are taken into account. The idea is to make them an offer. You decide in ten seconds if you like the restaurant of the day, and you should be in the restaurant within five minutes. It takes a great variety of places to please everyone.

What's the next challenge for your generation?

Myke: One of the next challenge our generation will face is a nontraditional path to success. We need to comprehend that there is not only one way to be successful. Everyone has a different ability and thus a different approach! We will need to take that into account in our future society and implement this within organizations.

What's next for you?

Massaki: We will carry on developing eat&out and expand it, while also working on our other project: MykiStudio. A few months ago we created this video production company for promotional and educational purposes. We are also starting our own events in November. Notably coffee and wine tastings. We have 45 partners, and our application has more than 2,600 users. Work, work, work and a lot of fun too!

Author: Sunita Sehmi

With more than 20 years of experience in being an expat, Sunita Sehmi has a passion for helping her clients to maximize their potential and help professionals improve their professional skills. Sunita's strength lies in her ability to drive each and every client to perform his or her best. For more info about Sunita please contact her at

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