Can't find love in Switzerland? It's time to change your chances

Finding love in Switzerland is no easy task, but if you‘re going to put yourself out there then here's what you need to do.

Always. Be. Ready.

They say being on holiday is when you're most open because everything is new and your senses are more alert. Begin to explore your days with this ready attitude as you adjust to your new life here. Your energy will come across as delightful, fresh and confident. Everyone wants to be around others like that.

You'll soon get invitations to hang out and meet up with new friends, which is a sure way to meet someone - possibly - special for you.

I say ‘possibly' because you never want to place too much emphasis on one outing or person from the get-go. It's way too much pressure for yourself and the unsuspecting person you've set your eyes on.

But where do I show everyone my confidence and delightfulness so that I can get these invites, you ask?


Up your confidence

Are you an outdoors runner? Anyone can say, cute dog! to the person walking their dog without being looked at strangely. At the office? Find something nice to say instead of complaining. All of this gets you into a different state of mind and allows your energy to change from a lonely, hopeless person to, who is that? I want to know who this person is!

When you are confident and free, you become approachable. No one likes rejection, so when you are like this, people will find it easy to invite you out with them and their friends. In turn, you get to meet more and more people.


Change the venue                                                                                                                 

And while you are practicing these new habits, start going to places you'd want to spend time at with your special someone. Into guys/ gals who like art? Stop going to bars and feeling like there's no one and start going to museums.

Adapt your approach each day little by little with these few tips and see the difference. 

Author: René Joy Dénervaud

René is a freelance content writer and editor living in Switzerland. With an education in Communication Science, her background includes beauty, lifestyle, and wellness content creation.

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