Capuns with mountain views Enjoy the culinary side of the Alps in Graubünden!

Graubünden offers the best ingredients for top-class cuisine - plenty of local delicacies and chefs of the highest calibre. Our specialities spring from our connection with nature and creative ideas.





Meal with a view

Imagine yourself here: Pizzoccheri steaming on your plate, and from your seat on the sun-drenched terrace you cast your eyes over the Alps. Go for a hike and have a rest in a traditional mountain hut which combines local cuisine with heart-felt, warm hospitality.

One hut is nice but simply not enough? No problem! The culinary trails lead you from one course of the meal to the next, from one mountain restaurant to another. Panoramic views included.

Culinary short break in Bregaglia

You can enjoy the culinary side of Graubünden year-round but autumn is a special feast! In this time of the year, you can for example experience the festivities around the chestnut in Val Bregaglia.

The valley, located close to Italy, is pampered by a mild climate. And that's where the largest chestnut forest in Europe is located. In autumn it is chestnut harvest time and you can enjoy delicious dishes made of fresh chestnut like Vermicelli or chestnut gnocchi. When you are in the valley, you definitely have to visit the mountain village Soglio.

It is not surprising that it has been voted Switzerland's most beautiful village in 2015 and the famous painter Giovanni Segantini named Soglio „the gate to paradise". Perched high up on one side of the valley, it offers an amazing view over the mountains. Or meander through the winding streets of the village and you will feel like you have stepped back in time.

Pizzoccheri, Maluns and Capuns

No trip to Graubünden is complete without tasting the regional specialities, like for example Pizzoccheri, Maluns and Capuns! Capuns is the synonym for Graubünden cuisine, for its spirit of bold joyful experimentation and imagination – there is not just one recipe for Capuns but countless as every grandmother in Graubünden has the best Capuns recipe. 

Gourmet pleasure

Three linguistic regions, plenty of local delicacies and chefs of the highest calibre: Graubünden offers the best ingredients for top-class cuisine. Our specialities spring from creative ideas and our connection with nature. Our menus feature fresh, local products – highly refined by the top chefs in our gourmet restaurants. All loosely based on the motto: "Created by Mother Nature, refined by us Bündners."

Care for some authentic gourmet delights? Come and discover Graubünden's culinary variety with our offer „Gourmet pleasure at its highest level".

You'll enjoy the finest tasting menu in one of our restaurants recommended by the Gault & Millau guide, one of the most influential fine dining guides in the country, together with an overnight stay in a historic hotel.


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Photo: © Graubünden Tourism

Author: Karin Furger

Karin Furger works for Graubünden Tourism and also lives in the area. After a long journey around the world, she now enjoys all Graubünden has to offer: All kinds of outdoor activities, the regional cuisine and after a long hiking day, it is just perfect to relax in one of the wellness oasis.

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