China to Switzerland - a family adventure How Packimpex met one family's unique relocation needs

Packimpex relocated Bin Fu and her family from China to Switzerland three years ago. Bin shares the story of their adventure with Hello Switzerland.

When I was offered the chance to transfer from Bosch in Hangzhou to Solothurn, my family and I had only three months to decide and move! It was extremely important for me to get my daughter's buy-in for this exciting new phase. We attended information days together and visited Switzerland. I firmly believe in the importance of preparing yourself and your family with the right expectations before relocating.

Packimpex's DSP arrival services, including registration with our commune, and school and home search, were indispensable. I don't know how people manage to relocate on their own! Packimpex is specialised in handling the challenges that foreigners encounter. They know what is required for a smooth relocation and how to prevent potential problems later on.

Our consultant Ursula focused on our priorities in the move. She successfully found a good school for our daughter Yifan within walking distance of a nice apartment, located in an international area where many residents spoke High German. We enrolled Yifan in public school and through it got to know our new community. Yifan felt safe walking to school and we got to spend more time together as a family when she came home each day for lunch.

The public school was great and involved Yifan from the first minute. The school principal got the kids really excited about Yifan's first day and she felt very welcome. The first three months were tough for her of course because of the language. I told her that a smile is international and if that's all she can manage then that's fine. After six months she was playing and communicating with the other kids as if she'd been here the whole time.

There are things we miss about home. My husband Bingxiang misses the fish and I miss the huge variety of vegetables available in China. But we've been lucky to have family and friends come to visit. If I made this move again I would try to learn the language before I arrived. Learning a new language, plus managing a relocation and a new job was a bit too much to juggle comfortably at one time.

The quality of life in Switzerland is exceptional. The natural environment is beautiful and I love the discipline and safety of the country. After three years, we are now transferring back home to Hangzhou, but we have had a wonderful Swiss adventure.


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Author: Markus Widmann

Markus manages a team of move managers and consultants at Packimpex Moving Ltd. The team provides you with professional assistance when moving your household goods into or out of Switzerland. He has experienced many exciting challenges in the moving industry over the past 17 years. Markus is Swiss and enjoys travelling and meeting people from different cultures.

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