Connecting cultures worldwide Packimpex continues to strengthen its network of services

Through its partnership with ICUnet.AG Packimpex now offers tailored intercultural consulting.

ICUnet.AG is a leading global provider in this field. Their holistic approach covers the entire duration of international assignments, supports assignees with re-integration to their home country, and provides partner career development consulting.

ICUnet.AG combines intercultural consulting, assessment, qualification, and global mobility, to form a powerful single solution that focuses on the unique needs of our customers.

The flexible training process utilises case studies, country specific briefing calls, and various intercultural tools, such as the ICUnet.AG smart guide, hotline, and preference tool.

Transferees who receive this consulting are better prepared for living and working abroad and their work processes are measurably optimised. This leads to a higher success rate of missions abroad.


Through role play and use of key cultural tools, transferees learn about business etiquette, communication, work styles, and meeting culture, gaining a clear understanding of the hierarchy structure in their destination country.


Smooth transitions home ensure long term employee loyalty and transfer of acquired knowledge. Consulting topics include redefinition of identity, setting expectations, professional life, and applicability of acquired skills.


Partner success improves the professional and personal life of the transferee in their destination country and leads to fewer cancellations. Transferring partners are guided through their job application documents and receive consulting on interview strategies. These skills facilitate their success in the international labour market.


Michael W. Buechi, ICUnet.AG intercultural expert, tells us more:

How important is cultural training for assignees when they arrive in a new country?

With cultural training, assignees can minimize their culture shock and get down to business much quicker. Understanding what hides beneath the surface of a culture is vital for integration.

What is one of the main challenges faced by newcomers to Switzerland?

At first the local population might seem closed off because respect for privacy is so important. But once the shell is cracked, newcomers will encounter warmhearted, genuine and generous people.

What advice do you have for someone who has just arrived to Switzerland?

Switzerland has four official languages. Even though English is widely spoken, a great tip for integration is showing an effort at learning the local language. This will definitely open doors, both in private and business life.


Partnering with ICUnet.AG enhances Packimpex's comprehensive one stop shop offer. Packimpex account managers tailor the consulting services to you and your international employees' needs and a global ICUnet.AG expert delivers the services.


Dhruv Fornerod

For bookings and further information please contact:

Packimpex Ltd.
Dhruv Fornerod
Business Development Manager
+41 58 356 15 04

Author: Marita Fuhrer

Marita Fuhrer is Australian with Swiss heritage. Marita relocated from Melbourne to Bern and became Marketing Manager at Packimpex. Leaving behind a colourful work history including PR & event management, adult education and teaching piano – she now enjoys working closely with Packimpex’s vibrant international community. Marita loves Bern, its people, and its uniqueness.

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