Did you know: Decanting Decanting is part of the ritual of drinking fine wine. Do you know why?

Issue: 3 / 2014
Most people associate decanting with old or very expensive wines, but decanting actually benefits almost all wines. Here's a quick guide.


There are two reasons for decanting.

In older wines, it removes grape-skin sediment,which impacts on flavour.

Let the sediment settle by storing your wine at an angle for a few days.

Slowly pour the wine into a decanter, retaining the sediment in the shoulder of the wine bottle.

Decanting also aerates the wine: pour quickly - bubbles give the wine more oxygen, promoting the development of flavour.

Mature wines are delicate and can lose flavour through decanting, so only decant 10 minutes before enjoying.

Decanting white wines from barriques, like white Bordeaux, sets an abundance of smells and flavours free.




Fancy tasting some top Swiss wines?
Here are Mövenpick's top sellers:

Staatsschreiber Cuvée Blanc Prestige 2012
Zürich AOC, Staatskellerei Zürich

CHF 14.50

Mövenpick's premium Swiss wine. From it's own winery, the Zurich State Cellars, this light yellow dream offers hints of muscat, Williams pear and peach. Fresh and gentle on the palette, a fantastic sweet-to-acidic balance, this flattering and elegant wine is worthy of the new generation of Swiss wine. An excellent choice and an unbeatable price.

ADANK Pinot Noir 2011
Fläscher Graubünden AOC

CHF 25.00

An absolutely first-class red pinot noir from the Grison region, Adank is enormously elegant and with much finesse, yet becomes ever more intense on the palette. A very expressive wine.

Malanser AOC 2011
Adolf Boner Completer Kellerei

CHF 34.00

Adolf Boner Completer Kellerei. Shining ruby red in colour, this subtly fruity pinot noir from the Grison region is well balanced, medium in body, and offers a most harmonious finalé.


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Author: Mike Tomsett - Hello Switzerland

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