Engelberg Alpine Cheese Trail For cheese and mountain lovers everywhere

Breathe in the fresh mountain air, the smell of alpine flowers and cattle, you are in Heidi heaven.
This new Alpine Cheese Trail (Alpkäse-Trail) takes you to eight Alpine dairies in Engelberg, where you will try a range of unique Alpine cheeses.
Only cheese made from the milk of cows, sheep or goats that graze on Alpine meadows can be called "Alpkäse". The cheese also has to be produced at an Alpine summer farm, usually following traditional, old-school methods.

Why this is an amazing experience?

The Swissness

There's nothing more Swiss than this. Tasting mountain cheese up in the Swiss Alps – it's the ultimate Swiss dream.
 © Engelberg Titlis

The nature

Engelberg is one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland, with views that will soothe and cleanse your urban soul. Just seeing the mountain-roaming, grass -fed cows and sheep – what a sight!

 © Engelberg Titlis


The cheese

You will taste hard cheeses, soft-cheeses, semi-hard, extra-hard. Cheese for grating, for crumbling, for shaving, with mild, sharp or spicy flavor. Cheese lovers, you're welcome!


Some practicalities

The tour is 40km long and takes you to 8 Alpine farms: Gerschnial, Hüttismatt, Untertrübsee, Surenen, Stäfeli, Langenboden, Blackenalp and Steinäbnet. You can either do the entire tour or parts of it as day trips.
Numerous accommodation and restaurant options will be along the way.

© Engelberg Titlis

Would you like to find out more about some of these impressive places and exquisite experiences?

Request more information and plan your perfect visit by going on Engelberg Alpine Cheese Trail



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