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Issue: 1/2017
How do you manage to do regular training while balancing your professional life?
Hi Jonas,
I am an executive in an insurance company. I always try to train regularly. Unfortunately, daily training is not always possible when dealing with daily professional stress. How do you, as an entrepreneur in the fitness area, manage to do regular training while balancing your professional life? - Erika from Zurich (34)
Hello Erika,
In today's world, it is a real challenge to integrate regular training in everyday life. You're certainly not alone in facing this problem — I also have experienced this situation. Before I started my company more than 5 years ago, I worked as a sport's instructor at a secondary school in Zurich. Because of the nature of that job, I was able to incorporate regular training sessions into my fixed schedule and working with my students allowed for lots of movement. But when I built my first fitness club, it seems like overnight I became glued to my office chair. With a daily flood of emails, meetings, telephone calls and the business travels and on and on, the day seems to pass way too quickly. There's not much of a chance of moving about much — never mind seriously training.
So what can I recommend? Schedule workouts as fixed appointments in your agenda! It's not easy, and you might ask yourself, "Does it have to be like this?" But if you think about the advantages, it's definitely worth it. Enter two, or even three, fixed training sessions per week. Mark them with a special colour. Look forward to your time at the gym, a quick jog, a special training session.
Don't cancel them or postpone them — treat them with the highest priority. Your training dates on your agenda have earned the highest priority. Working out is crucial to staying fit and being healthy. And your health should always be a priority for you. After all, health is the basis for productivity in the job and life.
I wish you every success in integrating regular training into your everyday life!
- Jonas Caflisch, INDIGO Fitness
Author: Jonas Caflisch

Jonas Caflisch, Owner of INDIGO Fitness Clubs

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