Gourmet strolls through the Suisse Romande Balades Gourmandes

An excellent summer event for families and individuals. Learn about and enjoy local drinks and cuisine while walking through the countryside.

Balades Gourmandes, or "gourmet strolls", are a big summertime tradition in the Swiss-French region of Switzerland. Local communities organize walks to view the countryside and to enjoy the food and wine produced in the region. In most towns this is a paid event occurring on a single day. In other places the walk is open for the summer months. For several locations reservation in advance is necessary.

These are often very popular events that sometimes draw hundreds of people. They are an excellent opportunity to learn about a local community and to experience the "real Switzerland".

Find a list of several gourmet walks below. If you know of any others or if you have a personal favourite, please leave a comment to let us know! 

  • Vully – 20 July 2014
  • Grandson – 30 August 2014, CHF 65 for adults
  • Morges - 6 September 2014, CHF 60 for adults
  • Montreux (FR) - 13 September 2014
  • Conthey (FR) – 20 September 2014, CHF 95 for adults
  • Arnex (FR) – 21 September 2014, CHF 60 for adults
  • Les Pléiades: "Loggers' gourmet path"June to October, CHF 28 for adults
  • Sainte-Croix - June to October, CHF 33 for adults



Author: Emma Baumhofer - Hello Switzerland

Emma Baumhofer is a Digital Consultant living in Switzerland.

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