Hiking to the most Beautiful Swiss Film Locations With its spectacular natural wonders, Switzerland is a very special location for film makers

Countless movie classics have been shot in Switzerland: from Alpine Fire to recent productions such as Tandoori Love, Grüninger's Fall, and Star Wars.

No matter whether you're a hiking-mad cineaste or a film-crazy nature-lover – everyone will find the perfect route in the book Dreh-Ort – Wandern in Schweizer Filmkulissen (On Location: Hiking to Swiss Film Backdrops).

With Bonviva, you can discover five of the hiking routes that lead you to the most beautiful film locations in Switzerland. And incidentally, on the way there you can pay with your Bonviva credit card and top up your points account in the Rewards Shop. Have fun!

Tandoori Love (2008)
Bollywood meets Switzerland: The comedy is set in the romantic mountains of the Bernese Oberland. A hike to the locations of the outdoor scenes takes about three hours and starts in Grütschalp.

Alpine Fire (1985)
The drama about the illicit love between two siblings was filmed above the municipality of Silenen and below the Windgällen massif. The hike lasts around 3½ hours and will also take you to the picturesque Lake Golzern.

Goldeneye (1995)
Bond in action: In the film, 007 leaps off the dam wall on Lago di Vogorno. Intrepid visitors can emulate the special agent and bungee jump into the abyss.

Grüninger's Fall (2013)
The film is based on a true story of courage and humanity. On the trail along the old river bed of the Alter Rhein, you can make a detour to the Paul Grüninger Bridge.

Star Wars: Episode III (2005)
The film crew took fascinating nature shots by the idyllic Lake Bachalp in Grindelwald. For The Revenge of the Sith, buildings and spaceships were later added digitally.

Tandoori Love

Alpine Panorama of the Bernese Oberland

Hiking route: Grütschalp – Pletschenalp – Mittelberg – Winteregg
Length: 4.87 km
Duration: approximately 3 hours
Ascent / descent: 568 m / 478 m
Suitable for: experienced hikers
Information: www.jungfrauregion.ch

Enchanting images in the best Bollywood style make this comedy into a classic. The romantic mountain backdrop makes a hike to the film locations in the Bernese Oberland especially worthwhile.

The best view of the Oberland Alps can be enjoyed from the steep forest path near the start, which begins a short distance from Grütschalp station. Grütschalp can easily be reached by cable car from Lauterbrunnen. From there, the high-level hike leads you over the green meadows of Pletschenalp above the Lauterbrunnen valley, where the steep path becomes a bit gentler. You go through Dorenhubel, Oberberg, and Mittelberg and finally come to Winteregg with its famous mountain restaurant. And, as in the film, the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau provide the perfect backdrop. From Winteregg, you can return to Grütschalp on the "panorama train."

Alpine Fire

Amazing Scenery in the Canton of Uri

Hiking route: Silenen – Chilcherbergen – Wasserplatten – Golzern
Length: 9.52 km
Duration: approximately 4 hours
Ascent / descent: 851 m / 501 m
Suitable for: beginners - experienced hikers
Information: www.uri.ch

For the Swiss film maker ‎Fredi M. Murer, it was important that the landscape shots in Alpine Fire should not captivate audiences with their beauty. That would have spoiled the film's tragic atmosphere, which is why the mountain peaks were often deliberately cut off when filming. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy wonderful scenery during the hike of course.

You can either get from Silenen to the alpine meadows of Chilcherbergen on foot (approximately one hour) or in just seven minutes by cable car. You need to be quite fit for the ascent from the valley, but the mountain path from Chilcherbergen to Golzern is also good for beginners. The Wasserplatten film location is just a few meters from the Chilcherbergen mountain station, below the Windgällen massif in the heart of a conservation area. In the background stand the mighty Glarus Alps. The hike continues towards Golzern on a well-developed forest path, which consists of steel steps in some places. A special attraction is the suspension bridge over the Schipfenbach. If you want, you can make a detour to the picturesque Lake Golzern. This is a wonderful place to cool off in the summer.


Dam Wall in the Valle Verzasca

Hiking route: Verzasca – Dam – Corippo – Mergoscia
Length: 11.67 km
Duration: approximately 4 hours
Ascent / descent: 621 m / 871 m
Suitable for: beginners
Information: www.ascona-locarno.com

In Goldeneye Bond leaps off the Lago di Vogorno dam wall at the head of the Verzasca valley. At 220m, it is one of the highest in the world. If you're brave enough, you can even emulate 007 and bungee jump into the abyss.

The well-developed mountain path near the dam leads from Corippo at the northern tip of Lago di Vogorno to Mergoscia. The little mountain village of Corippo is a heritage site. It's especially worth visiting the old mill, which is an ideal subject for a photo with its moss-covered roof. The easy hike runs through thick forest, past established pastures on small terraces. When you arrive in the rustic village of Mergoscia, there's a wonderful view over Lake Maggiore, the reservoir, and the surrounding mountains.

Grüninger's Fall

Historical Hike in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley

Hiking route: Diepoldsau – Lustenau – Widnau
Length: 8.17 km
Duration: approximately 2 hours
Ascent / descent: 19 m / 22 m
Suitable for: beginners
Informaiton: www.st.gallen-bodensee.ch

The hiking tour to the location of Grüninger's Fall leads along the old river bed of the Alter Rhein through a rich conservation area. The route starts with a visit to the Paul Grüninger Bridge memorial in Diepoldsau. Much of the film is set in Diepoldsau, on the border between Switzerland and Austria: After Switzerland's borders were closed in 1938, it is suspected that people entered Switzerland illegally here. Investigations begin.

From Diepoldsau, the hike leads as far as the Alter Rhein conservation area on the border. The border-post hut can still be seen today –traces of the story that is told in the film. The historical significance of this area is never far away on the way to the Austrian town of Lustenau either. To return to Switzerland, the hike continues over the Wiesenrain Bridge near Widnau. The route is also suitable for less experienced hikers and shorter circular paths by the Alter Rhein in Diepoldsau are also designed to be accessible.

Star Wars: Episode III

Deep Blue Lake Bachalp in Grindelwald

Hiking route: First – Lake Bachalp – First
Length: 5.78 km
Duration: approximately 2 hours
Ascent / descent: 218 m / 217 m
Suitable for: beginners
Information: www.jungfrau.ch

The magic of Aldeeran, Princess Leia's home planet, lies in its untouched wilderness and spectacular landscapes. So it's no wonder that the makers of "Star Wars" chose the Swiss mountain panorama in Grindelwald as one of the locations. The scenes can be watched in Episode III The Revenge of the Sith.

The film crew shot the scenes on Lake Bachalp, and later added in buildings, spaceships, and other elements digitally. The hiking route starts in First. The First cable car goes up the mountain from the upper village center of Grindelwald. From the summit station, the route takes you first to the Gummihütte, and from there to Lake Bachalp, the blue jewel of the Bernese Alps. The path to Lake Bachalp is a thrill for hikers: you walk through blooming meadows, with a 360° view over glaciers and snow-covered four-thousanders, to the deep-blue lake. There are benches where you can rest or have a picnic. Although there is a short, steep ascent to overcome at the start, the rest of the hike is very straightforward along a well-developed hiking trail.

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