Interior design for small apartments Short on space, big on style

Living in Switzerland is often a dream come true for many people. But adjusting to the limited living space often requires some flexibility.

Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help regain living space!

Bright colors and clean lines

Your apartment can appear visually larger. With some small tips, your apartment will look, and feel, much larger than what it is! In small rooms, bright colors and clean lines are important. Fabrics with bright colors, and light colored furniture with clean lines are a sure bet to make your living room feel larger.

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Go Nordic

The Nordic style of living is not just a trend of the current season, but is timeless, with its bright and cozy style. This style perfectly complements small spaces.

Play with the visuals

If you have a low ceiling height, then use low furniture too. This stretches the space visually by leaving space between the furniture and the ceiling. Accent lighting can also help enliven your space.

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