Lucerne to go From Mark Twain to your average day tripper, Lucerne's always been high on Switzerland's visitor hit list.

Issue: 4 / 2014
From Mark Twain to your average day tripper, Lucerne's always been high on Switzerland's visitor hit list. On a nice day you can't go wrong with a lake cruise or stroll through the old town, but, if you and your guests are cursing the elements, Allison Turner has some suggestions.


It's trains, planes and automobiles at the Swiss Transport Museum, many of which you can climb on and some you can drive. Also, don't miss the television studio complete with green screen, where you can make your own news, or talk show, and perhaps even email it to your adoring fans. New this year is the Swiss Chocolate Adventure. Climb in the amusement-park type ride and, as you're whisked through the exhibit, you'll learn (in a choice of languages, including English), how the cocoa beans get from their tree in Ghana to the box of chocolates in the shop.



As a trip to the Lion Monument is practically a legal requirement for anyone visiting Switzerland, why not pop in next door to the lesser known Glacier Garden? There's no warmer feeling than knowing that 20,000 years ago, the exact spot you're standing on was covered in a kilometre of ice! The potholes and huge boulders were a fortuitous find by Josef Wilhelm Amrein- Troller, who was excavating for his wine cellar in 1872. The site opened to the public soon after and now also houses a geological museum.



When you do get a cloud free day, take the train from Lucerne up to the Titlis mountain via the world's first revolving gondola. The Titlis Rotair gondola revolves 360 degrees during the five-minute trip, enabling unique views of the mountains with their dramatic rock faces and plunging crevasses. The trip takes you up to 3,020 metres above sea-level for a spectacular view – it is indeed worthy of being world famous!

Author: Allison Turner

From Montreal, Canada, Allison was the Hello Switzerland editor for Zurich, Zug, Luzern and Schaffhausen. Allison is an English teacher, and mother to two fearless teenage girls.

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